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Expert (91)

Аватар пользователя MDDRED

05-02-2022, 11:08

In the web boxprotectors i would like to order sleever protectors for manuals and sleever for the cartridges individually, but for MSX they are not available and the measures for other systems are not available in the web, also I have asked them by email and they have not answered. Probably those of the MegaDrive cartridges would work, but I don't know the measures and for the manuals I am sure that for other consoles they would work.
Does anyone know the dimensions of the MegaDrive cartridges?
Of the MegaDrive, Atari Jaguar, Nintendo64 manuals?

Thanks in advance!

By sixersfan105

Supporter (5)

Аватар пользователя sixersfan105

02-08-2022, 00:11

I can only speak for Sega Genesis and Master System cartridges (think they are pretty close in size to MegaDrive?) but cartridges protectors for Genesis and Master System work very well for MSX cartridges. The ones I use are available here. Some brands of MSX cartridges fit more tightly than others but overall it's a very good solution.

A second option, while comparatively quite expensive, is this nice cartridge case available here. This second option seemed a little cost-prohibitive for me, especially once you factor in shipping (I believe they are based in Asia), so that's what led me to the Genesis cases.

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