Came across a box full of old Japanese MSX games

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By Fresh

Master (174)

Аватар пользователя Fresh

22-11-2020, 18:02

Unfortunately I can't bid, because I'm not in the US.

By raulsantacruz

Hero (604)

Аватар пользователя raulsantacruz

22-11-2020, 22:44

Same here! I thought I can bid but I'm trying now and like I'm not in USA and I have this message if I will try to bid: "Sorry, this item cannot be shipped to Spain. Seller does not provide shipping to the country or region of your primary shipping address. Please contact the seller for more information."

What a pity. I thought to bid in several items in the last day. The current bidding people have a very good luck without any other worldwide people bidding Hannibal Hannibal


By wbahnassi

Master (191)

Аватар пользователя wbahnassi

23-11-2020, 08:46

In such cases, you can contact the seller beforehand to see if he is willing to ship regardless of the eBay post shipping options. I had to do this last year to get MSX items from the French eBay. The only real problem is that often such sellers are still new to eBay, and they end up shipping to you with standard shipping rates outside any special shipping programs offered by eBay or PayPal.. which means you will be cursed to pay as much as the item's costs in shipping alone. I learned to either make a full offer with shipping included, or ask beforehand about the exact shipping cost... otherwise forget it. It's too risky and will leave both parties unhappy.

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