Philips NMS 1515/00 Cassette. Gears and repair.

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By tranx

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Аватар пользователя tranx

17-07-2021, 07:29

fenama wrote:

I had the same problem and I have replaced them with a new one printed in 3D


Has anybody printed these gears? What printing technology did you use? I am new to 3D printing and I was told that this needs to be printed using resin. Some printing services have told me this is too small to print.

Any ideas will be appreciated.


By AndreV

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28-06-2022, 22:47

My data recorder had broken gears for quite long, and i don't have a 3d printer, game across this set of gears,

and some of these gears fit just fine( for ffw and rew anyway ), it is a fiddly piece of work, and a working data recorder again.

By Wierzbowsky

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29-06-2022, 01:43

There's a Polish guy on Ebay, who makes and sells various gears. I am usually buying gears from him for Philips datasettes. I've recently bought gears for my my broken Philips 8118 tape recorder. The gears' prices bite, but the gears have very high quality, much better than you could achieve with FDM printer. For the 1515 datasette you can buy gears here:

I am making 3d models of gears for various devices too, once I get my hands on the intact originals. You can find them in my Thingiverse repository:

Also, I am going to order some test gears from JLCPCB soon, they are now offering SLA printing services, so I would like to evaluate the quality of their gears. Maybe they will be a good alternative for the expensive Polish stuff.

P.S. The gears in my repository were printed and tested. All of them worked in real devices.

By AndreV

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29-06-2022, 16:59

Nice 3d models,almost buy a cheap 3 d printer to try it Smile the gears i bought Just for experimenting see, if it works, and within a day delevery, worth trying. Didn't see the eBay seller, absoluut better gears,

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