RookieDrive NX+VG8235 - recovery menu is not working

By philgood1351fr

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Аватар пользователя philgood1351fr

20-07-2021, 13:39

I flashed the MM diskrom on my RookieDrive Nx and it was ok. decided to erase, the rebooted and wanted to flash SOFARUN.
but when I run the Recovery menu to flash the diskrom, I can't access to anything on my VG8235. In Recovery, no key (F2, F3 or F4) is working. Nothing happens.
So did try with my VG8020 and flashing ok.
back to VG8235, menu is still unoperant.

any idea ?

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By htdreams

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Аватар пользователя htdreams

05-01-2022, 18:32


I have this same behaviour in my rookiedrive nx with both msx2 hbf1-II and msx2plus hbf1jxd, in fact it shows the error usb hardware not found

Finally, i've tried it with a msx1 hb201p (PAL machine, other two are NTSC machines) and it worked perfect (i was able to update firmware and use it) with the same 2gb usb pendrive...

any info on this?