MSX suddenly died - Garbage on screen


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19-09-2022, 00:09


I was playing some Pac-Man on my Sony HB55P and, after turning it off and changing the game, the computer booted no more. Without a cartridge inserted, it shows garbage and the screen goes blue. With a cartridge, it shows garbage, makes sort of a "ding!" sound and starts showing different garbage, but this is moving and blinking, just like it tried to boot the cartridge.

Any clue about what happened and what should I check? Long ago, I changed some caps and the VDP because it had video issues, but could fix it and leave it usable.

Thanks for the help! Smile

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By Manuel

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19-09-2022, 07:41

Check if Ctrl -G gives a beep in basic. Then the CPU and ROM are okay.

By gdx

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19-09-2022, 09:07

Try checking voltages, RAMs and especially VRAMs.

By Wierzbowsky

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19-09-2022, 11:21

Sometimes those old voltage regulators give up and start putting way more voltage onto power buses than the computer is designed for. If you keep using the machine with those higher voltages, it will die. I've already seen 8v on 5v bus and 16v on 12v bus in those Sonys. Very nasty!


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19-09-2022, 12:23

Thanks for the answers, guys. I will have a look on it and try to keep this thread updated Smile