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Shopping at its best!

Registration opened for MSX Fair Nijmegen 2021

by ro on 31-08-2021, 10:13
Topic: Events
Tags: Nijmegen

It's finally happening; the annual MSX fair Nijmegen is a fact. Register your booth now.

Covid19 update: fair date changed again!

MSX Fair Nijmegen 2021

by Manuel on 18-10-2020, 15:09
Topic: Events

Another run to Nijmegen in 2021

The annual Nijmegen MSX fair has been postponed to July 3rd, 2021.

HCC MSXgg meetings 2005 announced

by anonymous on 10-02-2005, 13:38
Topic: Events

The HCC MSXgg have announced the dates of their MSX user meetings of 2005, which have been added to the list of MSX fairs and meetings. The first meeting will be held on Februari 19th on a new location: Camminghalaan 5, Bunnik.

User meeting MSX Club West Friesland

by anonymous on 17-11-2004, 02:07
Topic: Events

Saturday november 27th the MSX Club West Friesland will be holding another user-meeting in the 'Wijkcentrum Risdam', Scheerder 1, 1625 VA, Hoorn. The entry costs 3 euros, and everyone is invited for a nice day of MSXing. For more info and directions to the location you can visit the MCWF website.


by ro on 29-05-2020, 05:29
Topic: Events

35 years of Gradius - Happy Birthday!

A MSX theme park opening soon!

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