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Angelic Warrior DEVA Soundtrack (Update)

by meits on 25-03-2021, 00:17
Topic: Music
Tags: deva

The complete OST in mp3 format.
Now also all in one zip file.


by LaDolceDols on 16-03-2022, 22:18
Topic: Music

A limited edition audio CD by the Tadahiro Nitta with the new Future Disk.

MSX MIDI Remakes 3

by Pac on 22-01-2022, 19:26
Topic: Music
Tags: FKD, music, MIDI

A large amount of music for MSX fans.

The master strikes again with an orchestrated reworking of one of his classics

The definitive mix for all Nemesis 2 fans.

Koichiro's MGSDRV works

by snout on 09-01-2013, 16:10
Topic: Music

Japanese composer Koichiro has rearranged several songs from Falcom and Konami games on MSX, using PSG and SCC - releasing the tracks in MP3, MGS and MUS format. An overview.

A patch for Konami's Vampire Killer to add a dedicated SCC sound-track.

Sounds from MicroCabin

by Mr.Mouse on 12-10-2020, 13:07
Topic: Music
Tags: CD, music, MicroCabin

Tadahiro Nitta releases brand new album

RoboPlay update 1.2 released

by ToriHino on 13-10-2020, 17:08
Topic: Music
Tags: opl4, roboplay, MIDI, SCC

Now also support for the SCC chip

Tahitani's Xak III (MGSDRV)

by popolon33 on 14-09-2013, 17:35
Topic: Music
Tags: mgs, Tahitani, Xak III, Xak

Ever wondered how Xak III would sound if it were released for MSX?

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