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Avalon RPG OST - Moonsound Edition

by Pac on 30-05-2019, 18:09
Topic: Music
Tags: MWM, opl4, Moonsound

The Avalon OST for the Yamaha OPL4 soundchip.

The Avalon soundtrack in ROM format for MSX2.

Awesome 1

by snout on 30-03-2007, 14:30
Topic: Music

Arnold Oudshoorn sent us a nice addition to our collection of freeware MSX downloads, the breakthrough Moonsoft music disk Awesome 1, the first music disk to support MSX-AUDIO and MSX-MUSIC simultaneously, in stereo.

Bart Roymans, former member of MSX groups such as Compjoetania and Zodiac, has released two improved versions of his F1 Spirit tunes. You can download them here and here.

BASIC Music Pack

by sd_snatcher on 04-03-2010, 11:48
Topic: Music

Ah.. BASIC MML, who has not started with it before hopping over to tracking!


by snout on 28-11-2002, 15:15
Topic: Music

Gashisoft did it again, after making an amazing MIDI replayer called GXSCC (which uses SCC and OPLL sounds for playing MIDI files), Gashisoft releases BeepMIDI. This one is really funny and old-school, as it uses the good old PC-Speaker to play MIDI files. Unfortunately beepmidi is only available on the Japanese pages of Gashisoft.

bgMSX - Bombaman added

by wolf_ on 12-01-2008, 22:09
Topic: Music

The website dedicated to MSX music has been updated again, and currently features a whopping 2063 songs from 116 games and 54 composers. For this update, the music from Teambomba's Bombaman has been added.

bgMSX - Burai added

by wolf_ on 03-08-2007, 00:11
Topic: Music

The website dedicated to game music made for MSX, bgMSX, has added music from the game Burai, from RiverhillSoft Inc., to its database of now almost 1700 songs.

bgMSX - Final Fantasy soundtrack added

by Ivan on 27-12-2008, 16:38
Topic: Music

bgMSX, a site dedicated to MSX music which currently contains more than 2,100 songs from 120 games and 51 composers, has recently added to their ever growing database the soundtrack of Square Enix/Microcabin's game

bgMSX - Gall Force: Defence of Chaos added

by wolf_ on 30-09-2007, 20:43
Topic: Music

Today, bgMSX has added music from Gall Force: Defence of Chaos to their database of 1913 Songs. This game is a shoot 'em up from Sony, released in 1986 for MSX1. Naturally, there's extra information again in the relevant article on bgMSX.

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