8bits4ever CF-640
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The 8bits4ver CF-640 is a Compact Flash Interface, that allows your MSX to use CF memory cards as mass storage device.

The CF card works in IDE mode. This product is very simillar to the 8bits4ever ATA-620 but the IDC40 connector has been replaced with a CF socket.

It is compatible with Sunrise IDE standard and therefore it is fully compatible with Sunrise IDE BIOS and NEXTOR kernel.

Price: €60.00


8bits4ever CF-640
8bits4ever CF-640 PCB
8bits4ever CF-640 PCB (underside)


  • Flash card: Compact Flash
    • Uses Nextor as DOS to access the storage media. (native FAT12/16 support)
    • Maximum partition size of 4GB
  • Others
    • NEXTOR kernel can work in MSXDOS1 mode with at least 64k memory.
    • Needs at least 128k RAM to run in MSXDOS2 mode

Minimum System Requirements

  • MSX computer with one free slot cartridge

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