ASCII Japanese MSX-Write
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Japanese MSX-Write is a cartridge released in 1986 by ASCII and is built in the Sanyo PHC-77 computer, released in 1987.

It was also sold

  • by the educational NHK Gakuen school corporation
  • by the Kansai Denki company in the KS-24M package, bundled with the rare Star TR-24m printer

It's actually the first version of the MSX-JE input system allowing to convert several kanas into a Kanji inside a Word Processor. The cartridge includes the Kanji-ROM level 1 and MSX-JE, but does not have a SRAM. Savings need to be done on disk, tape or (temporary) memory disk.

A switch on the cartridge allows to disable the Kanji-ROM, so you are able to use the Word Processor also on a machine that has a built-in Kanji-ROM.

There have been 2 versions for the PCB of this cartridge.

Official price: ¥19,800 for the cartridge alone


This Word Processor seems to have been created by Yamaha, as the indication "YAMAHA-MSX-JWP-SYSTEM" appears at three different locations of the rom.

The software menu has 3 options:

  • Access to the Word Processor
  • Settings - you can choose to work in MSX(1) mode -15 characters- or MSX2 mode -30 characters- and 3 different layouts are available
  • Access to MSX-BASIC



ASCII MSX-Write back
ASCII MSX-Write switch
ASCII MSX-Write box
MSX-Write PCB v.1
MSX-Write PCB v.1 underside
MSX-Write PCB v.2
MSX-Write PCB v.2 underside


MSX-Write Intro screen
MSX-Write Menu
MSX-Write Settings
MSX-Write Word Processor MSX2 mode layout 1
MSX-Write Word Processor MSX2 mode layout 2
MSX-Write Word Processor MSX2 mode layout 3
MSX-Write Work screen after pressing on ESC
MSX-Write Word Processor MSX1 mode