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Years active 1990-today
Main activities music disks
Founded by Tjeerd, Jan, Alex
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members
Former members Tjeerd, Jan, Alex, Frank, Richard
Website Worp3



Animation Club Eindhoven (A.C.E.) was founded around 1990 by Tjeerd, Jan and Alex, soon after Frank and Richard joined the club. At that time, they all were MSX enthusiasts and good friends. Luckily each member had his specific interests and qualities which worked out very well at the time. During the active A.C.E. period the main interests were gathering information, programming small experimental routines, making music, making some graphics and overall having fun!

Around 1994 the idea arose to start programming on the Super Nintendo in the hope of releasing a game. As the name A.C.E wasn't really applicable as an international brand and far from unique, eventually Frank, Richard and Tjeerd continued under the name WORP3.


  • Tjeerd
  • Jan
  • Alex
  • Richard
  • Frank



  • ACE Demo (1991) on Quasar 7B (Reflections music disk)
  • Audio Doom (1991)
  • Some demos for the Quasar disk magazine


  • ACE in space level 1,2 & 3


  • OPL3 cartridge (unreleased)

Music Disks

  • ACE Music Disk 1 (1991)
  • ACE Music Disk 2 (1991)
  • ACE Music Disk 3 (Jarredisk) (1992)
  • ACE Music Disk 4 (Micrologie/Michael Jackson) (1994)


  • ACE Sound Studio (1994) - For internal use, is available since 2010 as download on WORP3 website

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