Audio Doom
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Audio Doom is a megademo released in September 1991 by the Animation Club Eindhoven (ACE) team.

It is composed with a series of little demos enhanced with MSX-AUDIO samples. One of this sample has a big size, it is at the beginning of disk 2.


Disk 1

Hardware Test


This megademo starts with a hardware test to check the presence of MSX-AUDIO. However, you can see the next parts without sound, but it's of course less funny.



An entertaining sample for the intro in screen 5 with horizontal text scroll and vertical scroll effect.


The ACE logo is displayed on screen 8, then its distorded form is handled with an amazing bouncing effect.

Vampire Reflections


Back to screen 5 for vampiric reflections taking their inspiration from William Blake or Sigmund Freud and leading to the ACE passion for MSX and Amiga!

Big Hands


Another entertaining sample for big hands moving fast and containing another little scroll.

Bouncing Scroll


This bouncing scroll is made of characters using two nice colors, just for the pleasure of the eyes!

Sinus Wave Scoll


A little sinus wave scroll finishes the series of scrolls on disk 1.

Disk Change


A funny sample and an obvious picture to invite you to insert disk 2.

Disk 2

Sample Madness


A very long sample on a black screen, followed by a 'crazy' picture.

Note: If this picture is not correctly displayed, boot with disk 2 in drive A, then enter RUN"AUDIO.BAS"

The End


The last part with the credits and greetings.

If you press the spacebar while the sample is played, the computer will reset with still this sample as musical background.


  • Tjeerd Veenstra
  • Edwin Kovers