Awesome Episode I
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Awesome Episode 1

Demo / Music disk published in January 1991 by the Moonsoft team, composed with three members of the MSX Club Rijnstreek. For every MSX2 and higher with at least a 128kB memory mapper.

The first production of this group is something like an UFO in the MSX universe, as it combines a permanent demo (scroll + effect on the mirrored 'Awesome' word) with a permanent music replayer.

It's also the first reaction to the limitations of the FAC Soundtracker. Moonsoft crunches the .MUS files that have too many empty bytes and uncrunches them in the memory mapper for a faster loading, especially when a long song is divided into several parts.

In this Episode 1, the provided replayer is only mono, what means MSX-AUDIO or MSX-MUSIC.


It contains 16 songs written in the FAC Soundtracker 1 format. Three of them are divided in two parts.

The .MUS files are crunched and assemblied to build new 17kB files (AWESOME.001 to AWESOME.009), similar to the original format. Here's the detail for the people who know how to get these files uncrunched and adapt them:

Number Song (MUS) Drumkit (SM1/2) Title Composer
01 KBR AWESOME.00B/.00C K.B.R. Coen van der Geest
02 USAS AWESOME.00B/.00C The Treasure of Usas Arnold Oudshoorn
03 BRONSKI AWESOME.00B/.00C Smalltown Boy Remco Schrijvers
Arnold Oudshoorn
04 KBRPART2 - K.B.R. Part II Coen van der Geest
05 WAYHOME AWESOME.00B/.00C I Will Find My Way Home Arnold Oudshoorn
06 ALWAYS1 AWESOME.00B/.00C Always On My Mind 1 Coen van der Geest
07 ALWAYS2 AWESOME.00B/.00C Always On My Mind 2 Coen van der Geest
08 AWETHEME AWESOME.00B/.00C The Awesome Theme Coen van der Geest
09 INFINITY AWESOME.00B/.00C Infinity 1990 Coen van der Geest
10 AXELF AWESOME.00B/.00C Axel-F Arnold Oudshoorn
11 MOONSOFT AWESOME.00B/.00C Moonsoft Has The Power Arnold Oudshoorn
12 UNKNOWN1 - The Unknown Man 1 Coen van der Geest
13 UNKNOWN2 AWESOME.00B/.00C The Unknown Man 2 Coen van der Geest
14 DIVER AWESOME.00B/.00C Diver The Remix Remco Schrijvers
15 SCARED - I'm Not Scared Coen van der Geest
16 DEVICES1 - Left To My Own Devices 1 Coen van der Geest
17 DEVICES2 - Left To My Own Devices 2 Coen van der Geest
18 NEVERDIE - MSX Will Never Die Coen van der Geest
19 OXYGENE - Oxygene Arnold Oudshoorn


  • This demo / music disk has a nice replayer that is easy to handle. It includes mouse support, but the mouse needs to be connected in port 1 before booting.


  • Remco Schrijvers
  • Arnold Oudshoorn
  • Coen van der Geest