Awesome Episode II
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Demo / Music disk published in April 1991 by the Moonsoft team, composed with three members of the MSX Club Rijnstreek. For every MSX2 and higher with at least a 128kB memory mapper.

With this production, Moonsoft proves that excellent stereo music is possible on the MSX system, by combining the sounds of MSX-AUDIO and MSX-MUSIC. This big step will lead them to develop a better music tracker than FAC Soundtracker, yes the path to Moonblaster is now open!


  • Boot while pressing F1 to go directly to the music replayer
  • By default, the 60hz mode is used. If you prefer the 50hz mode, boot while pressing F2


Awesome Stars


Directly after the Moonsoft logo, you can hear for the first time stereo music on MSX! It's awesome and the stars are shining in the sky!

Technical Information


A nice picture, an explaining scroll going to the right while stars in the sky are now going to the left. All to transform you into a MSX stereo expert!

Future Magazine Promo


A strange scroll by Michel Onstein to make the promo of Future Magazine, the excellent diskmagazine produced by MSX Club Rijnstreek.

Giant Scroll


Back to an horizontal scroll. Very big letters for special thanks to Marco van de Berg, the inventor of the stereo routine.

Vertical Scroll


Time to change! Now a vertical scroll with greetings and titles of the musics available on this disk.

Hexagon Color Demo


The only part of the demo that is without music and that does not use screen 5. It's actually a multi-colored demo in screen 7 by Hexagon, composed with two other members of MSX Club Rijnstreek: Michel Onstein and Bastian Nossing. The scroll contains infos about the music replayer.

Music Replayer


Probably the best replayer for FAC Soundtracker 1 music in stereo mode, but only directly usable for songs in the special Moonsoft format, generally 'hidden' in sectors of this disk, but also on 4 Awesome Compilation Disks.

The songdirectory of these compilation disks can be loaded in this replayer for more fun!

You can notice that for channels that are common to MSX-AUDIO and MSX-MUSIC, you can refine the final result by selecting one of these soundchips or both soundchips.

End 1991, Moonsoft published the Awesome Compilation Disk Creator allowing to convert FAC Soundtracker 1 songs into the Moonsoft format and to create your own compilation disks.

This episode 2 contains 10 songs written in the FAC Soundtracker 1 format. Here's the detail for the people who know how to get these files and adapt them:

Song (MUS) Drumkit (SM1/2) Title Composer Demo part
WHATTHE WHATTHE What The Hell Coen van der Geest Awesome Stars
GOCRAZY GOCRAZY Go Crazy!! Coen van der Geest Technical Information
OPPORTUN OPPORTUN Opportunities Coen van der Geest Vertical Scroll
MOONTHEM MOONTHEM Moonsoft's Theme Coen van der Geest
GETONUP GETONUP Get Up And Join The Polonaise !! Coen van der Geest
IWANTDOG IWANTDOG I Want A Dog Coen van der Geest Future Magazine Promo
EVEOFWAR EVEOFWAR The Eve Of War Coen van der Geest
VAMPKILL VAMPKILL Vampire Killer Coen van der Geest
TONIGHT - Later Tonight Coen van der Geest Giant Scroll
MOONSOFT DRUMKIT2 Moonsoft Has The Power Arnold Oudshoorn


  • This demo / music disk has a nice replayer that is easy to handle. It includes mouse support.


  • Remco Schrijvers
  • Arnold Oudshoorn
  • Coen van der Geest