Backup Katsuyou Technique 11
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Backup Katsuyou Technique 11



Published in June 1988.

Main content

General info

  • About the genious Masaru Hashimoto
  • Special edition of software/hardware manual hacking
    • Seismic routine program (by Mac TBP)
    • Unlist program (by Mac TBP)
    • Flashing Screen 0 program (MSX2 program by Mac TBP)
    • Error Counter program (program by Mac TBP)
    • 3byte Data Searcher (program by Mac TBP)
    • Big Protector (program by Mac TBP)
    • About the MSX2 prompt (by Masaru Hashimoto)
    • Change start address of the BASIC program area (program by Toshi)
    • CTRL Extension (program by Toshi)
    • High-speed Font Change (by Toshinobu Saito)
    • RAM Slot Checker (by Toshinobu Saito)
    • How to make a new game loader (by Toshinobu Saito)
    • Game menu (by Toshinobu Saito)
    • Hexkey program (by Inoue Homare)
    • AV control switch for MSX with RGB output (by Masaru Hashimoto)
    • One-touch Kana SHIFT key for Canon V-25 (by Masaru Hashimoto)
  • Several techniques to use your MSX at 120%
    • Voice sampling on MSX2 (by Hayabusa)
    • Machine language monitor for MegaROM analysis (by NowCity!)
    • Disk Easy Copy Tool (by Hajime Yamagami)
    • Smooth Scroll (program by Yon)
    • MS-16K: Dump a ROM with 16kB MSX + RAM expansion (Alina)
    • How to dump The Goonies and Knightmare (by Masayuki Goto)
  • Remove the protection from the disk version of Urusei Yatsura (by Hayabusa)
  • Tips and tricks for hacking
  • Protection information & BIOS-KUN (article with programs by Ochi Shizumi)
  • MegaROM Backup System & Masked RAM Transfer System (article by NowCity!)
    • Several tools to dump MegaROMs (Megaload, ScanRAM, Megacopy, Megaload, Kajii Monitor)
    • Transfer of Main-ROM to the Masked RAM (RAMBAS) & speed controller, pause and autofire tool (SPICON)
  • MSX-AIDS Ver.1.1 (by Toshikatsu Saito)
    • Disassembler updated to v1.1 (DIS11.BIN)
    • Machine Language Monitor updated to v1.1 (MON11.BIN)



Title Author Generation Notes
Flashing Screen 0 MAC TBP MSX2 Use A=USR(0) - back to normal with
Seismic Routine MAC TBP MSX1 See Seismic BASIC
Smooth Scroll Yon MSX2


Title Author Generation Notes
3byte Data Searcher MAC TBP MSX1
AUTOEXEC.BAS NowCity! MSX1 To run before any other tool from MegaROM backup system
Allows to set to C000h (instead of 8000h) the start address
of the BASIC program to load
Big Protector MAC TBP MSX1 Protects or unprotects a floppy disk
BIOS-KUN Ochi Shizumi MSX2
Change Top Address
of BASIC Text Area
Toshi MSX1
CTRL Extension Toshi MSX1 New functions when using CTRL + V, W, X, Y or Z
Not compatible with disk drive
* CTRL+V = LIST. = SHIFT + function key F4
* CTRL+X = COLOR 12,1,1
* CTRL+Y = go to SCREEN 1
* CTRL+Z = go to SCREEN 0
(+ switch WIDTH 40/80 on MSX2 and higher)
Disk Easy Copy Tool Hajime Yamagami MSX2 6 main BASIC files + binary + special files
(to remove protection or modify the game)
Error Counter MAC TBP MSX1 Counts your errors in MSX-BASIC
Back to normal with POKE &HFFB1,&HC9
Font Change 1 Toshinobu Saito MSX1 Uses PEEK and POKE
For SCREEN 1 but easy to modify for SCREEN 0:
Change third data in line 160: replace 00 by 08
Font Change 2 Toshinobu Saito MSX1 Uses VPEEK and VPOKE - Only for SCREEN 1
Game Menu Toshikatsu Saito MSX1
Hexkey Homare Inoue MSX1 Binary file - Modifies the numeric keypad
Back to normal with ESC+STOP
Kajii Monitor NowCity! MSX1 Simple memory monitor
Machine Language Monitor NowCity! MSX1
Megacopy NowCity! MSX2 Generic MegaROM dumper
128kb RAM required
Megaload NowCity! MSX2 Tool with specific filers to make a dump of some MegaROMs
2 filers for Black Onyx II & Super Rambo Special are included
Load Megaload and MERGE the filer before making a dump
128kb RAM required
MS-16K ROM Saver Alina MSX1
MSX-AIDS v1.1 Toshikatsu Saito MSX1 Updated version of the disassembler & monitor
Don't confuse with MSX-AID from ASCII
MSX Rom Address Check Alina MSX1
RAMBAS NowCity! MSX1 Tool to move the Main-ROM to the main RAM
RAM Slot Checker Toshikatsu Saito MSX1
ScanRAM NowCity! MSX1 Tool to indicate the RAM slot
SPICON NowCity! MSX1 Patch for RAMBAS
Adds support of speed controller, pause and autofire
Unlist Routine MAC TBP MSX1 Use POKE &HFF89,&HC9 to enable LIST again
Voice Sampling Hayabusa MSX2 4 BASIC files + binary


  • 17 files to unprotect several games (by Ochi Shizumi)
  • 2 filers to be used with Megaload (by NowCity!)