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We don't need to clone Generation MSX to add pages about only the games with problems or enhancements.

We don't need to precise the company in the title (except if two different games have the same title).

Mentioning the year in the title is not very useful (especially because some games have different release dates, according the brand under which they were released). It's inconsistent with all the other Wiki pages.

We don't need to create multiple categories for the games/applications, based on the companies that have released them, or not even only the 'main' company that has released them. The only new required categories (and not sub-categories) are 'Games' and 'Applications' in replacement of 'Software'.


General info

See Blagger

Hacks, Fixes, Patches

Unsafe PSG port direction fix (ROM version)

Author: Alexey

Offset (h) Old New
21C8 FF BF

Enhanced version by JLTurSan

ROM based game. It's the original MSX disk Blagger version patched with a lot of graphical improvements.