C.U.C. INFO 10
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C.U.C. INFO 10



Published in October/November 1985.

Main content

General info

Super Brain (MSX conversion)
  • Z80 CPU (0)
  • PEEK and POKE (includes SVI-3x8 POKEs)
  • BASIC Info (8): MSX-BASIC conversion to SVI-BASIC
  • ML Info (1): ROM routines for keyboard, screen, cassette and printer

Hardware reviews

Software reviews


Note: The specific SVI-3x8 software can also be used on MSX after some changes - see SVI-BASIC.


Title Author Generation
Bloks (Blokken) Wouter Alexander SVI-3x8
Color Mix (Keurmengen) Arie Meijer SVI-3x8
Interlace (Interlinieren) Wouter Alexander SVI-3x8 / MSX1
Kitt-Scanner Peter Zevenhoven
Wouter Alexander
SVI-3x8 / MSX1
Sinus Shape (Sinusvorm) Wouter Alexander SVI-3x8 / MSX1
SVI Logo J. Stoffels MSX1
Tangle (Kluwe) Wouter Alexander SVI-3x8 / MSX1
Web Wouter Alexander SVI-3x8 / MSX1


Title Author Generation Soundchips Notes
Racing Dennis Vervest SVI-3x8 PSG MSX version (Car Racing) in
C.U.C. computer INFO 12
Super Brain
P.J. Bokma SVI-3x8 PSG


Title Author Generation Notes
Change Prompt
(Prompt Veranderen)
Wouter Alexander
Peter Zevenhoven
MSX1 Only for MSX1
SVI-3x8 version in C.U.C. INFO 08/09
as Free 2 (Vrij 2)
Checksum (Controlesom) Peter Zevenhoven SVI-3x8 / MSX1 Version 2
Computing Sin & Cos Andre van de Horst SVI-3x8 / MSX1
Customize Function Keys
(F-Toetsen Aanpassen)
Wouter Alexander SVI-3x8
Dir Peter Zevenhoven SVI-3x8 / MSX1 Written in Turbo-Pascal
Old Peter Zevenhoven SVI-3x8 / MSX1 One listing for each system