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Shows the boot menu that is automatically displayed when you boot with a storage device connected to the USB port of the Rookie Drive (except if you have changed its configuration).

This menu displays a list of the files and directories found in the boot directory (= the main directory unless configured otherwise):

  • They are always listed in the order in which their directory entries are physically located in the device. If you want to see them in alphabetical order you'll have to use a tool to permanently reorder them from within another computer.
  • Hidden files and directories, and those whose name starts with an underscore "_" character, are not listed.

At this point you can press

  • F1 to get help on the keys you can use to navigate through the boot menu
  • F2 to access the configuration menu

The most useful keys in the boot menu are

  • the cursors to select one file or directory
  • RETURN to enter a selected directory or mount a selected file
  • BS to go back to the parent directory
  • ESC (see below)


  • Mounting a selected file will make you exit the menu
  • If you press ESC in the boot menu after CALL USBMENU, the effect will be different from its using in the same menu after booting: you will go back to MSX-BASIC instead of continuing the boot process without mounting any file.



Configuration menu

Pressing F2 while in the boot menu will open the configuration directory, from here you can:

  • set the boot mode:
    • boot mode 1 (default) = go to the boot directory and show the boot menu
    • boot mode 2 = go to the boot directory without showing the boot menu or mounting a file
    • boot mode 3 = go to the boot directory and mount the default file in that directory.
    • boot mode 4 = mount the last file that has been mounted - When booting in boot mode 4, if the file that was mounted the last time no longer exists then the system will revert to boot mode 3
  • set the current directory as boot directory

Note: If you decide to use a MSX directory, make sure to create it before you first plug the device in your Rookie Drive (otherwise you'll need to manually delete or move the _USB directory that the system will have created).

  • set the currently selected file as default file for the current directory

Note: When not changed in this menu, the default file for a given directory is determined by following this priority order: the file whose name is stored in a _USB/DEFFILE file in the directory, a file named DEFAULT.DSK in the directory, the first file found in the directory.

  • enable or disable the CAPS led litting when disk access is performed while a file is mounted

All of these settings are stored in configuration files and thus they are permanent (they remain after computer resets and poweroffs).

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