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Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Logic
Years active 1990-2000
Main activities demos, music disks, utilities
Founded by Shadow, Savage
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members Savage, Shadow, Wolf
Former members Styx, Kid Cnoz, The Hound
Website Fuzzy Logic



The Fuzz has been active mainly in the demo scene between 1990 and 1997 but also did some great work on other projects like their own O.S. (midas), Oracle and the Sunrise magazine. The core element of Fuzzy Logic is actually a 2-man group enjoying contributions from various 3th parties. However a few real MSX-animals stayed a part of the fuzz untill this day.

It must have been somewhere around 1989/1990 when Savage and Shadow teamed up in order to shake up MSX history as we know it. From that time on the MSX scene had be aware of this new and ambitious group. It was only after a year they decided to stretch efforts by seriously joining and working under a uniform name which obviously had to be 'Fuzzy Logic'. Why so obvious? Well like they mentioned in one of their debut scroll liners; the (technical) term Fuzzy Logic suited their ideals.

As members came and went, both Kid Cnoz and Wolf where considered core members. Both men, two beard men, heavily addicted, were spitting out tunes for demos and games faster than Saffie and Shady could code. Hence the Fuzz got left with a pile-load of music, but no productions. The Kid wrote a few dozen tunes for the unfinished vampire-killer clone Nosferatu while Wolf made some Fubsy, also an unfinished game, tunes. Both games were in early development stage but looked (and sounded!) already very promising. Since Savage left the scene early, Shadow was left doin' all the hard work... untill real life kicked in. Untill this day, both Nosferatu and Fubsy are a hidden gem waiting to get dug up again ;)

Besides demos and music disks, where the Muzax series might be their greatest achievement, the Fuzz did some 'serious' productions in the form of Oracle, SEE, Sunrise Magazine and the F-Kernel.

Shadow and Wolf are the only remaining members still (kinda) active in the scene.

Fuzzy Logic: Always Original, Never Predictable

Members and contributors



Music Disks


Unfinished productions

  • Nosferatu (game)
  • Fubsy (game)
  • Miracle (opl4 music tracker)

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