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MSX-DOS is an OS very similar to MS-DOS. The original MSX-DOS, also referred to as MSX-DOS 1, was based on MS-DOS 1.25 with the addition of CP/M-80 support to run some CP/M-80 programs. Microsoft had Tim Paterson ported MS-DOS to the Z80 processor, you can read his account in The History of MSX-DOS.


There are three main versions of MSX-DOS, many official and non-official sub-versions can be found:


MSX-DOS is a flexible and extendable operating system. The standard commands are included in the COMMAND.COM and COMMAND2.COM files, but the OS can be extended with tools under the form of new COM files and batch files, including AUTOEXEC.BAT (on MSX-DOS 1 and higher) and REBOOT.BAT (on MSX-DOS 2 and higher).

Most tools have been created and distributed apart from the official MSX-DOS / MSX-DOS 2 releases, but MSX-DOS 2 is provided with a few tools.

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