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MSX Emulators exist for various systems

Emulators list

Name Last Release System Emulation Notes
blueberryMSX 2022-06-17 (v2.0Plus) MSX 1/2/2+, MoonSound, MSX-Audio, MSX-Music, SCC.
blueMSX August 2009 (v2.93) Windows 95~XP (x86) MSX 1/2/2+/turbo R, MoonSound, MSX-Audio, MSX-Music, SCC. Supports only 256 files by folder
blueMSXBOX 2011-08-11 (v8b3) XBox MSX 1/2/2+/turbo R, MoonSound, MSX-Audio, MSX-Music, SCC, etc. Based on blueMSX.
blueMSX-libretro ? Android, Linux, Windows
blueMSX-Wii 2010-11-28 (v1.0.3) Nintendo Wii MSX 1/2/2+/turbo R, MoonSound, MSX-Audio, MSX-Music, SCC, etc. A little slow to emulate some configurations.
Clock Signal (CLK) 2023-05-15 macOS binary Snap Linux, OSX, Windows MSX 1/2, SCC, MSX-Music Also emulates many non-MSX Z80, 6502 and 68000 machines.
CocoaMSX August 2017 OSX
ColecoDS 2023-03-04 (v7.9) Nintendo DS (NDS) MSX1, Keyboard. Runs ROM and CAS. Can also emulate several other machines close to the MSX1
Emulicious 2022-10-07 OS supporting Java SE (Linux, OSX, Raspberry Pi or Windows) MSX 1/2, SCC, FM PAC and several other 8 bit systems. Requires Java 6 or newer. Runs ROM and DSK.
fMSX 2021-02-24 (v6) Linux, Windows There is also a version for Maemo and Symbian OS.
fMSX Android 2022-02-02 Android MSX 1/2/2+. There is also a paying version (fMSX+ Android)
fMSX MS-DOS 1997-09-05 MS-DOS
fmsxDS 2008-4-13 (v0.09) Nintendo DS (NDS) Slow and unstable
fMSX-libretro ? Android, Linux, OSX, Windows
freeM 2001-10 (v1.10) Mac OS 9 MSX2, MSX-Music, SCC.
JEmu2 Java
jsMSX December 2011 JavaScript
MAME 2022-06-30 (v0.245) Windows There are also ports for Linux, OSX, etc
Meisei February 2010 Windows MSX1, SCC
MESS Linux, OSX, Windows See MAME for newer versions
MSX.emu 2022-06-30 () Android, iOS, Linux, WebOS Not free
MSKISS 2000-13-03 (v0.2.4) MS-DOS MSX 1/2/2+/turbo R, SCC. Quickly abandoned. Homepage is closed.
MSXAdvance 2009-11-04 (v0.4) GameBoy Advance MSX1. Runs ROM files only (need convertion)
msxDS 2012-08-29 (v0.94) Nintendo DS (NDS) MSX 1/2/2+, MSX-Music, SCC, Keyboard, Mouse, paddle. DSK emulation a little buggy for save (rare)
MSX-PLAYer Windows
NLMSX June 2003 Windows
No$MSX 2003-05-01 (v1.5) MS-DOS, Windows (x86) MSX 1/2. Debugger is included.
openMSX June 12, 2022 (18.0) Android, Linux, OSX, Windows MSX 1/2/2+/turbo R, MoonSound, MSX-Audio, MSX-Music, SCC, V9990, etc.
ParaMSX 2009-10-09 (v0.50b) Windows 95/98/2000/XP with DirectX v7.0 MSX 1/2/2+, MSX-Audio, MSX-Music, SCC, turbo R PCM. There is also a prototype version for Linux
PenkoDS 2007-02-02 (v0.2a) Nintendo DS (NDS) MSX2, Joystick, Keyboard. Runs ROM files only. Unstable.
PowerMSX v1.0 MS-DOS MSX 1/2. Quickly abandoned. Homepage is closed.
Retro Virtual Machine 2020-07-14 (Patreon) Linux, OSX, Windows Still WIP...
RedMSX 2005/03/26 (v1.4) Windows (x86) MSX 1/2/2+. Based on blueMSX v1.05.
rMSX 2016-04-01 (v1.3) MSX turbo R MSX 1/2/2+
RuMSX 2022-07-13 (v0.84) Windows 98 ~ Windows 11 MSX 1/2/2+/turbo R, SCC.
WebMSX 2022-05-18 (r6) WebBrowser (HTML5 and JavaScript) MSX 1/2/2+/turbo R, MoonSound, MSX-Audio, MSX-Music, SCC, V9990, etc.