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This is the Wikified version of The Ultimate MSX FAQ. This page is merely an overview. You can also check out this index.

This FAQ contains information about the MSX system, its expansions and a lot of other things. If you have texts you would like to be added to this FAQ, feel free to add them! If you discover any bugs, please correct them. This FAQ is an ongoing project, so help us make it as good as possible.

FAQ History:
The Ultimate MSX FAQ was started by the Red Devil, but Manuel Bilderbeek took it over in 1998. Now it's on this Wiki.

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And here are some uncategorized FAQs...

Where can I get info on JoyNet, the MSX network standard?

Because it would be useless to dedicate a whole section of the FAQ to it and copy all info from the JoyNet page, I'm giving you the URL here: so check out the JoyNet page on the MAP, by Laurens Holst (Grauw). Most other JoyNet pages have disappeared from the net, but most info should be on this one.

The sound on my Philips NMS 8250/55/80 sounds terrible. How can I fix it?

Yes, a lot of NMS8250/55/80 computers have an assembly error in the audio output circuitry. This is probably the case. To fix it:

  • NMS 8250/55: R428&R429 (100R) should both be replaced by an elco 100uF/10V with the negative side towards connector `AB'
  • NMS 8280: R426 (100R): replace by 100uF/10V (same as above)

I have a Philips VW-0030/NMS-1431 (or some other MSX-) printer. Where can I find drivers for Windows for this printer?

(answered by Hans Oranje)

You can use the IBM Pro Printer or Epson FX 80 driver for these printers. If you use tractor feed, you have to set it as `Chainform' 11 or 12 inch. The drivers are standard in Windows 98. For Windows 2000 use the `Epson compatible 9 pin' printer driver. You may need to set the DIP switches on the back side of the printer to switch from MSX character set to IBM character set.

I want to buy/sell an MSX. What should I do?

If you want to buy an MSX, just put an advertising message in English on the MSX Mailinglist and/or Newsgroup. Of course you can also place it in local newspapers or MSX club-magazines or whatever. You can also check the various MSX sites, some have MSX auctions or advertisements online (like MSX Resource Center's Trade forum). See the links database of The MSX Resource Center for some more links. If you're selling MSX equipment, practically do the same as above, but first check if Manuel Bilderbeek already has your item in his collection on his MSX page and if not, then mail him! ;-)

Where can I find plotter pens for my Sony PRN-C41?

This is quite a popular plotter, but the big problem is that the pens that came with it and in fact, all pens that were ever manufactured for it, have been dried up in the mean time. So, they don't work anymore and hence, the plotter is not usable. However, recently some people found out that you can still by new (fresh) pens in online or other shops. This is the information: Sharp pens, Type EA-850C, UPENP1002CCZZ. This is a set of four colour pens (black, blue, green and red). A few years ago they costed about 5 euros per set and they work fine in the plotter.