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Abnormal peculiarity from the dark forests of Finland that lives mostly on coffee and nuts. Can be spotted usually in southern parts of Finland. Not recommended to be shot or eaten, but easy to handle as a pet. Generally NYYRIKKI can be considered mostly harmless.




Compo entries

  • Diary (Demo for MSX tR) 1st place in MRC Bounce challenge
  • COW (Demo for MSX tR + MoonSound) 2nd on Alternative Party 2008 dynamic demo compo
  • Does Boot (Music: Das Boot remix for PSG & SCC) 2nd on Alternative party 2009 music compo
  • Sieni Pakottaa (Demo for MSX tR) 4th place in Alternative party 2004 BASIC compo
  • Alternative party -98 demo (for MSX tR) 5th on Alternative party 1998
  • Lumi2 (Demo) 8th on MRC Snowfall Challenge

Misc Demos

  • NYYRIKKI's MSX Software Corner Demo
  • MSX Info Update 2008 introdemo (MSX tR demo)
  • Dragon's Lair demo (Demonstration of fullscreen video engine)
  • some 512 bytes long demos for MSX computers.


  • Shoot The Flying Windows (Minigame)
  • Big 10 emulator (Emulates Big 10 coin-op game)


  • 2MSX (Utility: Can split MSX tR as 2 MSX computers)
  • SIDplay (Utility: Play C64 *.SID files on MSX)
  • SC5 Picture Display utility for SVI-738
  • RMSX (MSX1 & MSX2 emulator for MSX tR Supports *.CAS & *.DSK games)
  • BrainFuck compiler for MSX (Can generate CP/M compatible code)
  • DOS2TAB (Utility: Complete filename with TAB)
  • Exelent Editor (Utility: Make custom levels for Griel's Quest for Sangraal)
  • FDD-EMU (Utility: Run DSK-games on Novaxis SCSI)
  • KSSPLAY (Utility: Play KSS-files on real MSX)
  • Mouse driver (Utility: Adjust the speed of your mouse)
  • Some Multi Mente screen savers
  • NSBASIC (MSX-BASIC extension)
  • Partition copy (Utility)
  • PSG emulator for SCC (Utility: Play PSG games with SCC sound)
  • Real Time Frequency Modificator (Utility: Adjust voice up or down in realtime)
  • Serial mouse drivers (Utility: Use Microsoft mouse or PC-mouse as MSX-mouse in MSX tR)
  • SymROM (Utility: ROM-loader for SymbOS)
  • tR Speed up tools (Utility: Increase speed of BASIC & X-BASIC)
  • Z80/R800 emulator for Z80/R800


  • ADIR (Utility: DIR command with ANSI color support) Fokke Post & NYYRIKKI
  • Super-X (Utility: multipurpose debug tool) ROMI, NYYRIKKI & JP Grobler
  • Rally-X (Minigame) Dvik & NYYRIKKI
  • MoonBlaster 1.4 voice recognition (Music program) Remco Schrijvers & NYYRIKKI



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