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OPL3 is a FM sound synthesiser with the Yamaha YMF262 or YMF289 sound chip.

It is paired with a YAC512, YAC513 or YAC516 companion floating-point DAC chip.

It is an upgraded version of the OPL2. OPL3 is not part of the standard, but is used mainly in Brazil instead of OPL4.


  • 18 channels customisable as below
    • 18 2-operator channels
    • 15 2-operator channels + 5 drum channels (drum setting on)
    • 6 2-operator channels + 6 4-operator channels (4-op setting on)
    • 3 2-operator channels + 6 4-operator channels + 5 drum channels (both settings on)
  • Simple stereo (hard left, center or hard right)
  • 4 channel sound output
  • 4 new waveforms (alternating-sine, "camel"-sine, square and logarithmic sawtooth)
  • 4 operator mode, pairing 2 channels together to create up to six 4 operator FM voices
  • reduced latency for host-register access (the OPL2 had much longer I/O access delays)
  • sine-wave lookup table and envelope generator are properly synchronized


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