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P-BASIC is a BASIC extension created by Pioneer to control LaserDisc players and the superimpose features of the Pioneer machines.

'There are two versions of P-BASIC, 1.0 (c) 1984 and 1.1 (c) 1985. The difference between the versions is unknown. The following MSX1 systems feature P-BASIC:

P-BASIC Version 1.0

P-BASIC Version 1.1

In addition P-BASIC 1.0 is also provided by the Pioneer ER-101 Expansion Processor.


P-BASIC adds 18 new instructions, that can be generally divided into four types of functions.

Note: CALL can be replaced by the character underscore (_). A space is not required after this character. See CALL for more info.

Instruction Generation Function
CALL BLIND MSX1 Graphics control
CALL CHAPTER MSX1 System control
CALL CHAPTER OFF MSX1 System control
CALL DEV UNIV MSX1 System control
CALL EXTV MSX1 Superimpose control
CALL FRAME MSX1 System control
CALL FRAME OFF MSX1 System control
CALL IMPOSE MSX1 Superimpose control
CALL LCOPY MSX1 Graphics control
CALL LD MSX1 System control
CALL MUTE MSX1 Stereo effects control
CALL PAN MSX1 Stereo effects control
CALL REMOTE MSX1 System control
CALL SCLOAD MSX1 Graphics control
CALL SCSAVE MSX1 Graphics control
CALL SEARCH MSX1 System control
CALL SYMBOL MSX1 Graphics control
CALL VIDEO MSX1 Superimpose control

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