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PLEASE NOTE: This page/category is about the Spectravideo SVI-318 and SVI-328 computers THAT ARE NOT MSX COMPATIBLE.

When you add pages about these SVI computers, please make sure to separate them from MSX topics, by using "SVI-3x8" in front of the subject and adding them to this category. Let's make this the number one page of SVI-3x8 information!


Note: Peripheral product codes originally started with SV-, but in 1984 were retabled with SVI-.



Model Year Region
Spectravideo SVI-318 1983 ?
Spectravideo SVI-318 MK2 1984 ?
Spectravideo SVI-328 1983 ?
Spectravideo SVI-328 MK2 1984 ?


Product Description
Spectravideo QS-111 Joystick - Quickshot II Turbo
Spectravideo SV-101 Joystick - Quickshot I
Spectravideo SV-102 Joystick - Quickshot II / II Plus
Spectravideo SV-103 Joystick - Quickshot III
Spectravideo SV-104 Game Keypad
Spectravideo SV-105 Graphic Touch Tablet
Joystick - Quickshot IV
Spectravideo SVI-106 Joystick - Quickshot V
Spectravideo SVI-107 Joystick - Quickshot VII
Spectravideo SVI-109 Joystick - Quickshot IX

Network and I/O Interfaces

Product Description
Spectravideo SV-601 Super Expander (7 slots)
Spectravideo SV-602 Single Slot Expander
Spectravideo SV-603 Coleco Game Adapter
Spectravideo SV-605 Super Expander (4 slots)
Spectravideo SV-701 Modem 75/1200 BPS
Spectravideo SV-805 RS-232C Interface
Spectravideo SV-820 I/O Interface
Spectravideo SV-827 Modem for Datavision (Swedish Videotex) 75/1200 BPS
Spectravideo SVI-606 MSX Game Adapter
Spectravideo SVI-609 LAN Server Expander for up to 32 MSX/SVI computers
Spectravideo SVI-809 Network Interface Card

Power Supplies

Product Description
Spectravideo SV-202 PSU for SV-601 super expander
Spectravideo SVI-201 PSU for SVI-300 and SVI-700 series computer systems

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
Spectravideo SV-205 Centronics interface cable
Spectravideo SV-802 Centronics Interface
Spectravideo SV-901 Dot Matrix Printer
Spectravideo SV-914 4-Color Graphic Printer
Spectravideo SV-3000 Dot Matrix Printer


Product Description
Spectravideo SV-801 Dual Disk Drive controller
Spectravideo SV-803 16kB RAM pack
Spectravideo SV-807 64kB RAM pack
Spectravideo SV-8?? Hard Disk controller - see SV-605
Spectravideo SV-902 External 160kB 5.25" FDD
Spectravideo SV-903 Data Recorder
Spectravideo SV-904 Data Recorder
Spectravideo SV-905 Second 160kB 5.25" FDD for SV-605
Spectravideo SV-906 Second 320kB 5.25" FDD for SV-605
Spectravideo SV-912 External 320kB 5.25" FDD
Spectravideo SVI-208 Data recorder cable for SVI-606


Product Description
Spectravideo SV-806 80 column display adapter
Spectravideo SV-7600 12" monochrome monitor
Spectravideo SV-7700 12" monochrome monitor
Spectravideo SV-7800 12" monochrome monitor
Spectravideo SV-7900 18" color monitor



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