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ScrollPower BASIC is a BASIC extension for MSX2 and higher, it is available with the Scroll Power utility, published on the Dragon Disk 03 diskmagazine: files SCREDIT.BIN - SCREDIT.GE5 - SCREDIT.HLP - SCREDIT.LDR - SCREDIT.PRG and 4 FNT files (fonts).

This utility makes easier the creation of scroll texts on screen 5. The created scroll can be saved with the "Save Scroll" fuction in a binary file, which will contain the new instructions, just as it is the case for the SCREDIT.BIN file.


This extension adds 3 new instructions.

Note: CALL can be replaced by the character underscore (_). A space is not required after this character. See CALL for more info.

Instruction Generation

Tips to create a scroll with the utility

  • To repeat a scroll text, put a @ at the end of your text
  • By using the "SET SPACE" function, you can change the number of pixels between two sprites. When you have made a big loop, it might be needed to use a high space number. Normally the space is set to 36.
  • The following functions can be used while editing a loop:
    • F1 - Set or reset Autobeep mode
    • F2 - Set or reset stepmode
    • Keep the "1" key down for high speed mode 1
    • Keep the "2" key down for high speed mode 2

Tip to create a scroll without the utility

You can make your own loop without using the editor. This can be useful when you want to make a sinus-scroll for example. This can be done when you put all coordinates into memory starting from address 0B600H.

Save it by BSAVE "????????LPF",0B600H,end address - This file can be loaded by the "Load Loop' function.[[[Category:Ivo Wubbels]]

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