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The MSX Voice Recorder is an utility created by HAL Laboratory, it uses the keyclick to save and replay 1-bit PCM samples of voices or musics. It can be found on a few Sony system disks (especially disk 2 of HB-F1XV) and on disk 2 of Compile Disc Station 4.

The utility comes with a nice MSX2 interface and several examples of sampled voices and/or musics (.VCD files).

It's also possible to use it without the provided interface as actually an MSX-BASIC extension is installed by just entering these instructions: CLEAR 256,&HCFFF:BLOAD"CMDVC.BIN",R

To manage the memory with the sample that interests you, you need to use DS=(FRE(0)-256)/2:DIM DA(DS) and to copy the VCD file to the variable DA. Of course, another variable than DA can also be used.


This extension adds only one instruction:

Sound and Music

Instruction Generation Function
CMD VC MSX2 Allows to make several actions with 1-bit PCM samples using the keyclick

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