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Tyzack64M BASIC is a BASIC extension that comes with the Casia Tyzack 64-M Transputer System.

Instructions (general info)

This extension adds 34 new instructions.

Instructions (ordered per category)


Instruction Generation Function
CMD DIG MSX2 Reads an image and copies it to a buffer in the computer RAM
CMD GDP MSX2 Converts screen 8 image stored in one of the 8 RAM buffers and displays it
CMD LCK MSX2 Puts the digitizer in LOCK mode
CMD SMT MSX2 Convert digitized black and white screen 8 image into 5 shades of gray
CMD ULK MSX2 Cancels the LOCK mode of the digitizer


Instruction Generation Function
CMD CHC MSX2 Changes color (only in screen 8)

Mathematical Functions

Instruction Generation Function
CMD PIE MSX2 Displays the first thousand decimals of the Pi number


Instruction Generation Function
CMD BCK MSX2 Sets a label for reverse playback
CMD BTH MSX2 Sets a label to be played on both channels in stereo
CMD LAB MSX2 Sets the start and end points (or offsets) of a label
CMD LFT MSX2 Sets a label to be played only on the left channel
CMD LOP MSX2 Sets a label as loop to make it always repeated during playback
CMD NLP MSX2 Cancels a loop for a label
CMD NRM MSX2 Cancels the reverse playback for a label
CMD PLY MSX2 Plays back a memory area (label) or goes to virtual keyboard mode
CMD RCD MSX2 Records a specified memory area (label)
CMD RGT MSX2 Sets a label to be played only on the right channel
CMD RST MSX2 Re-initialises the settings of a label as they were after startup
CMD SMP MSX2 Initialises the sampler (only for first models with external sampler)
CMD SPT MSX2 Modifies the values (label + speed) for a key of virtual keyboard mode
CMD SRS MSX2 Resets only the sampler
CMD STP MSX2 Generates a stop pulse that will stop with any playback activity
CMD SUB MSX2 Switches the sampler to the machine language monitor function
CMD TRG MSX2 Sends all inputs on audio-in directly via A/D and D/A to audio-out
CMD TTS MSX2 Quicky tests a label in a virtual keyboard mode

Sound and Music

Instruction Generation Function
CMD ALF MSX2 Disables all the currently playing sound, including the speech synthesizer

Sound Processors

Instruction Generation Function
CMD ALN MSX2 Enables or reenables the sound processors
CMD SND MSX2 Controls the two stereo Philips SAA1099 sound generators

Speech Synthesizer

Instruction Generation Function
CMD SAY MSX2 Stores phonemes in buffer of General Instrument SPO256-AL2 speech synthesizer
CMD SBE MSX2 Turns off the speech interrupt, clears the buffer of the speech synthesizer
CMD SPF MSX2 Turn off the speech interrupt, stops the reading mode for the buffer
CMD SPN MSX2 Turn ons the speech interrupt, reads the buffer on the interrupt and performs the phonemes

Tyzack 64-M System

Instruction Generation Function
CMD HELP MSX2 Displays the list of the non-related sampler instructions
CMD MSX MSX2 Resets the computer to make it boot as a normal MSX2

Instructions (alphabetical order)

Instruction Generation Type
CMD ALF MSX2 Sound and Music
CMD ALN MSX2 Sound Processors
CMD BCK MSX2 Sampler
CMD BTH MSX2 Sampler
CMD CHC MSX2 Display
CMD DIG MSX2 Digitizer
CMD GDP MSX2 Digitizer
CMD HELP MSX2 Tyzack 64-M System
CMD LAB MSX2 Sampler
CMD LFT MSX2 Sampler
CMD LOP MSX2 Sampler
CMD LCK MSX2 Digitizer
CMD MSX MSX2 Tyzack 64-M System
CMD NLP MSX2 Sampler
CMD NRM MSX2 Sampler
CMD PIE MSX2 Mathematical Functions
CMD PLY MSX2 Sampler
CMD RCD MSX2 Sampler
CMD RGT MSX2 Sampler
CMD RST MSX2 Sampler
CMD SAY MSX2 Speech Synthesizer
CMD SBE MSX2 Speech Synthesizer
CMD SMP MSX2 Sampler
CMD SMT MSX2 Digitizer
CMD SND MSX2 Sound Processors
CMD SPF MSX2 Speech Synthesizer
CMD SPN MSX2 Speech Synthesizer
CMD SPT MSX2 Sampler
CMD SRS MSX2 Sampler
CMD STP MSX2 Sampler
CMD SUB MSX2 Sampler
CMD TRG MSX2 Sampler
CMD TTS MSX2 Sampler
CMD ULK MSX2 Digitizer