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Yamaha was responsible for a lot of the MSX hardware. Not only did they create and produce the MSX-SYSTEM setchips, the V9938, V9958 and V9990 video chips for the MSX2/MSX2+/MSX turbo R and the MSX-AUDIO, MSX-MUSIC and OPL4/YMF278B (MoonSound) sound chips, they also produced MSX1 and MSX2 computers.

Yamaha sold two computer product lines, the CX models were marketed as Music Computers, and typically sold through music stores. Depending on the region the CX model either came with a SFG FM Sound Synthesizer Unit plugged into the machine, or was added to the machine at the music store. The YIS product line was instead referred to as the Home Personal Computer, and typically sold through computer stores. A YIS model typically lacked a side-module, such as a SFG, but as they are in fact identical to CX models one can easily add one. Yamaha advertised it as an option, and even offered sets, such as the "Music System" set for the YIS-503 and YIS-503II which included a SFG-01, making them equivalent to a CX model.

Some notable Music Computers are the Yamaha CX5M and the Yamaha CX5F. Yamaha also created a lot of special versions of their MSX computers for China, Russia and Arabic speaking countries.




Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX1 Yamaha CX5 1983 JP Yamaha YIS-303 1983 JP
Yamaha CX5F 1984 JP Yamaha YIS-503 1984 JP
Yamaha CX5M 1984 Europe Yamaha YIS-503F 1984 FR
Yamaha CX5MII 1985 Europe Yamaha YIS-503II 1985 JP
Yamaha CX11 1985 JP Yamaha YIS-503IIR 1985 USSR
Yamaha SX-100 1985 JP Yamaha YIS-603 1985 Europe
Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX2 Yamaha CX7/128 1985 JP Yamaha YIS-604/128 1985 JP
Yamaha CX7M/128 1985 JP Yamaha YIS-805 1986 JP
Yamaha YIS-503IIIR 1985 USSR Yamaha YIS-805/128R2 1986 USSR


Product Description
Yamaha MMP-01 Music Pad (Graphic Tablet)
Yamaha MU-01 Mouse
Yamaha YJS-01 Joystick

Network and I/O Interfaces

Product Description
Yamaha CA-01 Converter for Yamaha expansion slot to MSX cartridge slot
Yamaha MD-01 Modem for Captain connection
Yamaha SCA-01 Interface for Captain connection
Yamaha Serial I/O Unit Interface used in YIS-503IIR
Yamaha Serial I/O Unit Mk II Interface used in YIS-503IIIR and YIS-805/128R2
Yamaha STC-01 TeleWord module (Modem with Word Processor)
Yamaha SX-101 Expansion unit for SX-100
Yamaha UCN-01 Unit Connector

Power Supplies

Product Description
Yamaha NP 55130 PSU for CX5MS computer
Yamaha NP 55140 PSU for CX5ME computer
Yamaha NP 55150 PSU for CX5MA computer
Yamaha NP 55160 PSU for Sakhr AX-100 computer
Yamaha NP 55170 PSU for CX5MF, YIS-503F and YIS-503FB computers
Yamaha NP 55180 PSU for CX5MG computer
Yamaha VB03770 PSU for SX-100 and Victor HC-30 computers

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
Yamaha CB-01 Printer cable
Yamaha PN-01 Thermal printer
Yamaha PN-101 Dot matrix impact printer


Product Description
Yamaha CR-01 Card Reader to use with UPA-01 or UGA-02
Yamaha EFD-10 Second drive for YIS-805/128 and YIS-805/128R2
Yamaha FD-01 External 3.5" 360kB FDD with Interface
Yamaha FD-03 External 3.5" 360kB FDD with Interface
Yamaha FD-031 Second drive for FD-03
Yamaha FD-05 External 3.5" 720kB FDD
Yamaha FD-051 FDD interface adapter for FD-05
Yamaha FD-052 FDD cable for FD-05
Yamaha MI55116 Data Recorder cable
Yamaha SRE-01 32kB RAM expansion + Unit converter
Yamaha SRM-01 32kB RAM expansion with RGB output
Yamaha UDC-01 4kB Data memory cartridge
Yamaha URM-01 32kB RAM expansion
Yamaha ZGA-01 Graphic Card Set = CR-01 + UGA-02
Yamaha ZPA-01 Play Card Set = CR-01 + UPA-01


Product Description
Yamaha S1985 MSX-SYSTEM II chipset
Yamaha S3527 MSX-SYSTEM chipset
Yamaha V9938 Video Display Processor
Yamaha V9958 Video Display Processor
Yamaha V9990 Video Display Processor
Yamaha V99C37-F
(? aka YM6011-F)
Video Display Co-Processor
aka Video Control Palette
Yamaha YM2149 PSG soundchip
Yamaha YM2151 FM soundchip
Yamaha YM2164 FM soundchip
Yamaha YM2220 Video Display Processor
Yamaha YM3439 PSG soundchip
Yamaha YM5214 Memory Controller


Product Description
Yamaha MD-X1 MIDI cable
Yamaha RC-01 RGB cable
Yamaha RF-01 RF modulator for channel 1/2 with cable
Yamaha RF-02 RF modulator for channel 3/4 with cable
Yamaha SFG-01 FM Sound Synthesizer Unit
Yamaha SFG-05 FM Sound Synthesizer Unit II
Yamaha SFK-01 FM Sound Synthesizer Unit
Yamaha SMD-01 MIDI Unit
Yamaha SRG-01 RGB Unit
Yamaha V9990 Evaluation Board VDP Evaluation Board with MSX interface
Yamaha VC-01 Video cable
Yamaha VC-02 Video cable
Yamaha YK-01 44 key mini Music keyboard for SFG-01 or SFG-05
Yamaha YK-10 49 key full-sized Music keyboard for SFG-01 or SFG-05
Yamaha YK-20 49 key full-sized Music keyboard for SFG-01 or SFG-05


YRM series

International product code Japanese product code Description
Yamaha YRM-101 YRM-15 FM Music Composer
Yamaha YRM-102 YRM-12 FM Voicing Program
Yamaha YRM-103 YRM-13 DX7 Voicing Program
Yamaha YRM-104 YRM-11 FM Music Macro
Yamaha YRM-105 YRM-14 DX9 Voicing Program
Yamaha YRM-301 YRM-31 MIDI Recorder
Yamaha YRM-302 YRM-32 RX Rhythm Editor
Yamaha YRM-303 YRM-33 MIDI Macro & Monitor
Yamaha YRM-304 YRM-34 DX7 Voicing Program II
Yamaha YRM-305 YRM-35 DX21 Voicing Program
Yamaha YRM-306 YRM-36 DX7 II-D/FD Voicing Program
Yamaha YRM-501 YRM-52 FM Music Composer II
Yamaha YRM-501 (*) YRM-?? FM Music Macro II
Yamaha YRM-502 YRM-55 FM Voicing Program II
Yamaha YRM-504 YRM-51 FM Music Macro II
Yamaha YRM-506 YRM-56 FB-01 Voicing Program

(*) probably a limited release


Product Description
Yamaha CMC-01 Computer Music Collection 1
Yamaha CMC-02 Computer Music Collection 2
Yamaha CMC-03 Computer Music Collection 3
Yamaha CMC-04 Computer Music Collection 4
Yamaha CMP-01 FM Auto Arranger
Yamaha CMP-02 PS Editor
Yamaha CMP-03 FM Auto Arranger Utility
Yamaha CMW-31 Keyboard Chord Master
Yamaha CMW-32 Keyboard Chord Progression 1
Yamaha CMW-33 Guitar Chord Master
Yamaha CX5m Demonstration Program
Yamaha FVD-01 FM Voice Data 96 - 1
Yamaha FVD-02 FM Voice Data 96 - 2
Yamaha FVD-03 FM Voice Data 96 - 3
Yamaha GAR-01 Graphic Artist
Yamaha GAR-02 Graphic Artist Utility
Yamaha LDR-02 CX5M Demo Program
Yamaha SKW-01 Kanji Word Processor Unit
Yamaha SKW-05 Kanji Word Processor Unit II
Yamaha TWE-01 Word Processor/STC-01 Enhancer (for STC-01)
Yamaha UGA-01 Graphic Card Program (for CR-01)
Yamaha UGA-02 Graphic Card Program (for CR-01)
Yamaha UPA-01 Play Card Program (for CR-01)
Yamaha YRG-01 The Painter
Yamaha YRG-01M The Painter + Mouse
Yamaha YRK-01 Kanji Framework Cartridge
Yamaha YRK-02 Kanji cassette labeller
Yamaha YRK-50 Phrase Conversion Cartridge
Yamaha ??? Beginner's Lesson (provided with YIS-604/128)


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