Checkmark FM Stereo PAK
This page was last modified 02:56, 28 May 2021 by Gdx. Based on work by Grauw and Mars2000you and others.


The FM Stereo PAK is a clone of the Panasoft FM-PAC, but without the SRAM function, manufactured by Checkmark in the Netherlands.

This cartridge contains the MSX-MUSIC chip with its specific BIOS - see MSX-MUSIC BASIC and a 3.5mm stereo audio out connector. One channel contains the FM drums eventually mixed with the PSG sound, the other the FM melody channels.

The cartridge also has a built-in software, which can be started by running CALL FMPAK or _FMPAK from BASIC. Here you can listen to various demo sounds. Contrary to the original Panasoft firmware, which can be runned on MSX1, the Checkmark firmware requires a MSX2 or higher computer.


Checkmark FM Stereo Pak


  • YM2413 FM chip
  • 16kB MSX-MUSIC Basic
  • Stereo audio out connector
  • Pseudo-stereo sound output
  • Built-in firmware

See MSX-MUSIC page for more specifications.