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Chip (André Annema) came in contact with MSX in 1986 when his dad bought an MSX through a computer sales program at the company he worked for. He came home with a Sony HB-F700P.

At the end of the 80's and the start of the 90's Chip went to the MAVO in Burgum and became classmate of Ronald Zijlstra (Genic). When Ronald left the MSX scene, Chip bought most of Ronald's hard- and software.

Chip was the kind of MSXer who wanted to find out the reason of every fact. Because of this he was quite a skilled coder and knew how to handle the soldering iron.

When Meits rang his doorbell, being a complete stranger redirected to him by Ronald Zijlstra, all peace was over. First of all Chip had to copy 75% of his games to Meits, but he also had to join him and some friend to the Tilburg fair in 1993.

After that day Meits forced him to code. Soepfiskje was the first product he coded. Also the only product with an autoexec.bas he ever did. After that his skills grew by the day. After Near Dark 2.5 was done, Chip left the active scene.


as composer

as coder


  • Chip is one of the few who laid his hands on the infamous Nosferatu sources but skipped it after a few looks. "Too grotesque"
  • He made a switch on a Philips vg8235 which generated a nonmaskable interrupt. Just because he could.

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