Clubguide Magazine 08
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The interface and almost all provided software for the MSX system is for MSX2 and higher. However, two software are also for MSX1, one software is only for MSX2+ and MSX Turbo R, one software and some surprises are reserved for Turbo R. In a few cases, you can easily adapt the software for MSX1.



Diskmagazine created by the Genic team and released in February 1991.


  • This diskmagazine has an intro using the Shadow soft scroll routine from Clubguide Magazine 07
  • On a MSX Turbo R, you can hear a PCM sample (AUTOEXEC.SAM file) on the Genic logo screen and the PCM recording feature is used in the intro
  • To skip the intro, you need to boot while pressing the ESC key
  • The magazine part is enhanced by original MSX-MUSIC songs in the FAC Soundtracker 1 format

Main content

Clubguide Magazine 08 intro
Clubguide Magazine 08
Four In A Row

General info

  • MSX2/2+ VDP (2 and Extra)
  • The DEF FN Basic instruction

Hardware reviews

Software reviews



MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Notes
BOOM.MSX Pythagoras Tree
(Boom Van Pythagoras)
Rob Geerings MSX2
SINUS.MSX Sinus Light Newspaper
(Sinus Lichtkrant)
Stefan Boer MSX2 X-BASIC required
Slightly modified version


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Soundchips Notes
(Vier Op Een Rij)
Stefan Boer MSX2 PSG X-BASIC required
Slightly modified version


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Soundchips MSX1 launching
PD0038.FMP Brother John Medley
(Vader Jacobs Medley)
Erik Laarman MSX2 MSX-MUSIC LOAD"PD0038.FMP":RUN315
PD0039.FMP The Escape Erik Laarman MSX2 MSX-MUSIC LOAD"PD0039.FMP":RUN315
PD0040.FMP The Twilight Zone Erik Laarman MSX2 MSX-MUSIC
Put a REM for lines 412, 417, 418
PD0041.FMP Ode To Panasonic FS-A1ST Erik Laarman MSX2 MSX-MUSIC
PD0042.FMP The Pink Panther Erik Laarman MSX2 MSX-MUSIC LOAD"PD0042.FMP"
Put a REM for lines 470 to 473
PD0043.FMP The Juke Box Erik Laarman MSX2 MSX-MUSIC LOAD"PD0043.FMP":RUN315
PD0044.FMP The Tunnel Of Tricho Erik Laarman MSX2 MSX-MUSIC LOAD"PD0044.FMP":RUN315

  • Details about all the FAC Soundtracker 1 songs on Clubguide Magazine 08
Song (MUS) Title Composer
HOOFDMEN Clubguide Menu Ronald Egas
NAHNEHNA Nah Neh Nah Stefan Boer
NAWOORD Nice Egas! Ronald Egas
OKETREE A Yellow Ribbon 'Round
The Old Oak Tree
Bas Labruyere
PALE A Whiter Shade Of Pale Bas Labruyere
PNTBLACK Paint It Black Stefan Boer
VERDAMMT Damn I Love You
(Verdammt Ich Lieb Dich)
Bas Labruyere
WHENRAIN When The Rain Begins To Fall Stefan Boer

You can optionally put these files on a dedicated FAC Soundtracker music disk.

For more tips about this format, check the FAC Music Disk 1 Wiki page, especially to play the songs on MSX1.


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Notes
BIT2.MSX NTSC/PAL Converter Michel Shuqair MSX2 For Bit2 programs on disk
GETPIC.MSX Get Picture Stefan Boer MSX2 Boot while pressing
the CTRL key
INVERSE.M2P Inverse Gerrit Steensma MSX2+ For screen 12 pictures
MSX-DOS required
ARK.COM CP/M File Compressor Brian E. Moore
MSX patch: Hans Overtoom
CHGCPU.COM CPU Changer MSX Magazine Turbo R
UNARK.COM CP/M Archive File Extractor Robert A. Freed MSX1

PC Tools

Executable Title Author Notes
MSX8VGA.EXE MSX Screen 8 On PC Hans Otten Uncompress MSX8VGA.ARK
VGA or MCGA videocard required
MSXSTP.EXE MSX Dynamic Publisher Stamps On PC Hans Otten Uncompress MSXSTP.ARK
VGA or EGA videocard required


Playing tips