Clubguide Picturedisk 02
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Clubguide Picturedisk was a bi-monthly disk magazine filled with demos, promos and news from the MSX demo scene. Its audience was international though most of its contents was made by Dutch groups and individuals.

Clubguide Picturedisk 02 was released in April 1990 by Genic. This edition includes the first outside contributions. The general design has been conceived by the Redsoft team, with help from Fony, Genic and StarCracks members. CompileBGM BASIC is used, except in the SCC section, the Fony demo and the StarCracks promo.

The interface and almost all parts of this demodisk are for MSX2 and higher. It's not possible to launch directly the screen 1 part (Announcement) on a MSX1.


Menu 1


Directly after the Clubguide logo, you come on this menu in screen 8. You can here decide the musical way to continue the exploration of the disk magazine.

In some cases, you can be stuck on this menu. That's why I give below the direct accesses (that bypass the menu):

  • PSG - POKE &HC000,1 : RUN"CPICDISK.002"
  • SCC - POKE &HC000,4 : RUN"CPICDISK.002"

Important note about SCC:

A cartridge with SCC/SCC+ soundchip or compatible is required. SCC Konami cartridges are usable but remember: Do not insert a cartridge with the MSX turned on!!!. However, safe options exist:

  • slotexpanders with switches
  • SCC cartridges modified with switch or converted to Megasram (aka ESE-RAM)
  • use an MSX emulator



This part in screen 1 is an invitation to contribute to the next Picturedisks. It includes also all the credits.



Back to screen 8 for this picture provided by Metallica, a member of the Fony team.

Menu 2


This menu allows to launch the three outside contributions. Note that it's not possible to come back to this menu when one of these demos is finished.

Yellow Alert


The first demo of the Fony team. See The Yellow Alert Demo for more info.

Direct launching: RUN"YELLOW.LDR"

Lightning Promo


A promo of the unique demo made by StarCracks and Micronics. See Lightning for more info.

Direct launching: RUN"LIGHT.LDR"

Club Special


A demo in screen 5 created by The Hound to promote a compilation disk with games, utilities and texts. Note that it uses SET ADJUST without respecting your settings.

Direct launching: RUN"C-LOADER.LDR"