Clubguide Picturedisk 10
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Clubguide Picturedisk was a bi-monthly disk magazine filled with demos, promos and news from the MSX demo scene. Its audience was international though most of its contents was made by Dutch groups and individuals.

Clubguide Picturedisk 10 was released in August 1991 by Genic. This diskmagazine was also sold as MCM Public Domain disk B50. The general design has been conceived by the Redsoft team, with help from Raoul van Balen, Royal MSX Force, Shadow and Unicorn Corporation.

The interface and all parts of this demodisk are for MSX2 and higher. See also section about the musical files.

This demodisk comes with original musics in the FAC Soundtracker 1 format for these parts: Frequency Selector, Intro, News, Krueger's Revenge, Impaccen en Wegwezen Promo.


Frequency selector


The frequency selector is actually the first part of the intro. It was designed by the Royal MSX Force with MSX-MUSIC melody made by Unicorn Corporation - the RMF didn't have its own composer back then.

Intro scroll

Cpd10 intro.png

Another Unicorn Corporation melody as musical background for a large scroll text with text appearing behind it as the scroll text bounces up and down. This Royal MSX Force concept was copied later on by Cain in one of their intros.


Cpd10 menu.png

A horizontal shooter by Shadow (coding, level design, graphics) with music based on Konami's Salamander written in First Rate Music Hall by Raoul van Balen.

Select the pods or press the corresponding numerical key to enter a demo.

Number Number
0 Krueger's Revenge 5 Antirip Demo
1 News 6 Fastcopy 3.0
2 Another Culture 7 Hitsampler 3.0
3 The Truth 8 Impaccen en Wegwezen Promo
4 Intro 9 Rad Van Fortuin

Krueger's Revenge

Cpd10 kruegersrevenge.png
Cpd10 moonsoft.png

This Moonsoft demo features music for MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO, in stereo, and a triple scroll text.

Two tunes are present, which can be selected by pressing the keys F1 or F2.

Direct launching: BLOAD"MOONSOFT.PRG",R


Cpd10 news.png

The news section in screen 7 with FAC Soundtracker music. The corresponding text files are plain ASCII text files.

Direct launching (without music): RUN"NEWS.LDR"

Another Culture

Cpd10 anotherculture.png

A demo made by Fuzzy Logic to promote the music editor First Rate Music Hall. It was coded by both Savage and Shadow, while Shadow provided graphics and music and Savage did the math work.

The scroll text features several flavours of horizontally waving scrolls, a concept seen in many demos with countless variations. The demo contains four songs, which can be heard by pressing the keys 1-4. The final part with the credits contains fast vector graphics.

Direct launching: RUN"CULTURE.LDR" - note: line 120 uses SET ADJUST, you need maybe to change it or to add a REM for this line.

The Truth

Cpd10 thetruth.png

An early demo by Cain featuring one of the longest scroll texts in MSX history.

A novelty in those days was the fact that the background music uses Konami's SCC and is written by using the music editor SCC-Musixx of Tyfoon Soft.

A cartridge with SCC/SCC+ soundchip or compatible is required to fully enjoy it. SCC Konami cartridges are usable but remember: Do not insert a cartridge with the MSX turned on!!!. However, safe options exist:

  • slotexpanders with switches
  • SCC cartridges modified with switch or converted to Megasram (aka ESE-RAM)
  • use an MSX emulator

Direct launching: RUN"TRUTH.LDR"

Antirip Demo

Cpd10 antirip2.png
Cpd10 antirip1.png

ANMA opens with a little protest speech in which they firmly state that all their work is original.

The second part features a novelty for the days: two large scrolls mixed by alternating lines (per pixel).

For the first time, ANMA uses her own music recorder editor, ANMA's RED, to combine PSG and MSX-MUSIC, without the limitations of the FAC Soundtracker, previously used by Knightram.

Direct launching: BLOAD"ANTIRIP1.BIN",R

Fastcopy 3.0

Cpd10 fastcopy3.png

A new version of the fast copy utility provided by XelaSoft and working under MemMan 1.1

It allows to install the appropriate bios according the drive controller of your computer. WD 2793 and WD 1793 drive controllers are supported.

Direct launching to get infos: RUN"FASTC30.LDR" (you can also read the TXT file FASTC30.TXT)

To install the right bios: RUN"FASTC30I.BAS"

To launch the application: BLOAD"MEMMAN.BIN",R or RUN "FASTC30.BAS"

Hitsampler 3.0

Cpd10 hitsampler.png

A small promo for a new tool allowing easy MSX-AUDIO sampling with mouse control, created by MSX-MAGIC and DDTM.

Direct launching: RUN"HITSAMP3.LDR"

Impaccen en Wegwezen Promo

Cpd10 impact2.png
Cpd10 impact1.png

A promotion for Impact's demo disk Impaccen en Wegwezen, featuring 3 songs written in the FAC Soundtracker 1 format for MSX-AUDIO or MSX-MUSIC.

When both sound chips are present, MSX-AUDIO is automatically selected. All songs feature the (back then: new) trademark Impact sound.

One song is present at the title screen, the other two are present in the main part. These couldn't be chosen by a key, instead the demo picks one itself - restarting the demo could switch songs.

It is possible to enjoy a great stereo mode, you just need to replace the FST.BIN driver by STL2.BIN (driver used in STL 2.11 created by C.S.I and E.M.P.). However, you must delete the existing IMPACT.005 file and rename STL2.BIN as IMPACT.005.

Direct launching: F=&HC0: F$="IMPACT.LDR": POKE &HF677,F: POKE &HF676,1: POKE F*256,0: RUN F$

Rad Van Fortuin

Cpd10 radvanfortuin.png

Demo version for a Dutch version of the Wheel of Fortune game, created by G. Verhoeven.

Direct launching: RUN"RAD.LDR"

Musical files

FAC Soundtracker

Here's the list of files to optionally put on a dedicated FAC Soundtracker 1 music disk, mainly for the people who know how to get these files and adapt them, when they are not directly available on the disk:

Song (MUS) Drumkit 1 (SM1) Drumkit 2 (SM2) Title Composer Part of the Picturedisk
IMPACT.006 IMPACT.007 - Theme 3 BDD Impaccen en
Wegwezen Promo
IMPACT.00D IMPACT.007 - Pre-Release Theme BDD Impaccen en
Wegwezen Promo
IMPACT.00E IMPACT.007 - Impact 43 BDD Impaccen en
Wegwezen Promo
HARDTOPS - - Hardtops Ernst Schuller Intro
KRUEGER KRUEGER KRUEGER Krueger's Revenge Coen van der Geest Krueger's Revenge
PD10SONG - - Head Hunter Ernst Schuller News
RACEROAD - - Race It
(The Roadkill Experience)
Ernst Schuller Frequency Selector
VULTURE VULTURE VULTURE Scary Slight Vulture Beat Coen van der Geest Krueger's Revenge


  • HARDTOPS.MUS is crunched in HARDTOPS.CRU
  • RACEROAD.MUS is crunched in RACEROAD.CRU
  • The Moonsoft files are crunched with other data in MOONSOFT.DAT

If you don't use the interface of this demodisk, FAC Soundtracker, Pro Tracker, Studio FM, MIDI Blaster or the FM Music interface, these musical files can be used on MSX1.

Important! You need to modify the names to use the correct extensions (MUS/SM1/SM2), it is also recommended to specify the name of the drumkit (without the extension) in the MUS file.

For more tips about usage of this musical format, check the FAC Music Disk 1 Wiki page.

First Rate Music Hall

  • The CULTURE2.MUS file is actually a PCK file for First Rate Music Hall. It contains 2 musics written by Ernst Schuller of Unicorn Corporation: Metal Meltdown, Diver and 2 musics written by Savage: Drum-Stick, Just Music.
  • The PD10MENU.MUS file is also a PCK file for First Rate Music Hall. It contains only one music (Eioneus) written by Raoul van Balen.

These PCK files were designed for a beta version of the FRMH utility, they will not give good sounds when used in the released version.

See First Rate Music Hall page for more info.


One SNG file is available on this disk: TRUTH.SNG, written by the Fony team.

See SCC-Musixx page for more info.