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It's a MSX-DOS 1 tool created by Robbert Wethmar. You can find it in MSX Computer Magazine 21 and the corresponding MCMD20 disk, also in binary form.

Actually, you need to run DSORTB and DSORTC to create the DSORT.BIN and DSORT.COM files. The binary version can be launched with BLOAD"DSORT.BIN",R.

The source code is available on Robbert Wethmar's GitHub repository.



Sorts the directory of the disk inserted in the current active drive. (FAT12 only)

Note: Under MSX-DOS 2 / Nextor, this tool can only handle the root directory.




DSORT - help screen

This command does not take parameters.

Function keys or two-keys commands:

  • F1 or SF = save filenames to the directory (after having sorted them)
  • F2 or LF = load filenames from directory (to be used before sorting them)
  • F3 or SD = sort the directory descending (Z-A)
  • F4 or SU = sort the directory ascending (A-Z)
  • F5 or ED = sort the directory by extension descending (Z-A)
  • F6 or EU = sort the directory by extension ascending (A-Z)
  • F7 or NU = move all filenames up (to 'remove' empty killed files)
  • F8 or CL = make columns to display filenames
  • F9 or UL = unlock all filenames
  • F10 or QU = stop DSORT and exit

Other useful entries at the keyboard:

  • 2 to 9 = choose the number of columns
  • BS or DEL = delete empty entry in directory
  • CTRL+STOP = restart DSORT
  • cursors down and up = browse entries
  • cursors left and right = browse screen pages
  • ESC = go to help screen
  • HOME = go to first entry (top of the list)
  • INS or RETURN = insert empty entry in directory
  • SHIFT+HOME = refresh the screen
  • spacebar = lock filename for further handling

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