Data Recorder connector
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Data recorder cable
Data recorder cable

This connector allows you to save or load program data to an audio cassette. Data are backed up at 1200 or 2400 baud with Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) in the standard "Kansas City" format.

The Data Recorder connector is defined as a mandatory requirement in the MSX Standard Definition, up until and including the MSX2+. As such almost all MSX machines have the connector.


Standard MSX connector

The MSX Data Recorder (Tape/Cassette) connection uses a female 8-pin DIN (DIN45326) connector on the MSX side, with the following pin mapping:

DIN Pin numbering
Pin Name Type Description
1 GND Signal Ground
2 GND Signal Ground
3 GND Signal Ground
4 CMTOUT O Sound Output (to connect to the mono/left headphone input)
5 CMTIN I Sound Input (to connect to the mono/left microphone output)
6 REM+ O Remote control (from relay)
7 REM- O Remote control (from relay)
8 GND Signal Ground

Note that a switch on the Philips VG-8240 allows to get stereo input for superimposing.

Cable description


Some Casio computers

The Casio MX-10, MX-101 and PV-7 require the CMT I/F package FA-32 as adapter to use a standard tape recorder.

Frael Bruc 100

The cassette port of the Frael Bruc 100, an hidden MSX, is not 100% MSX compatible, the middle pin (GND) is missing.

Gradiente Expert computers

The Gradiente Expert computers use a female 5-pin DIN connector, the pins are used as follows:

Pin Name Type Description
1 REM O Remote control (from relay)
2 GND Signal Ground
3 REM O Remote control (from relay)
4 CMTIN I Sound Input
5 CMTOUT O Sound Output

Sanno SPCmk-II

The Sanno SPCmk-II is actually a rebranded Casio PV-7, as such it also requires the CMT I/F FA-32 package as adapter to use a standard tape recorder.

Machines without Data Recorder connector