Dawn of Time
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In april 1993 Station group released Dawn of Time. It was a mind blowing sequel to Decalogue. It features great Moonblaster 1.4 stereo music and very good graphics.




The first part initializes which music chips you have connected. Eather MSX-AUDIO, MSX-MUSIC or preverably both. The powerful music of this part is very suitable for an intro. It even interacts with the visuals. It concludes with a greatly drawn title screen.

Part 1


Part 1 is a scroller with a nice font, relaxing music and a vector graphic bottle swinging through the screen.

Part 2


This part is a plasma with a bit of techno music in the background. The viewer can press the numeric keys to have different plasma patterns. Note that this plasma's size decreases with 50% if you switch your computer to 7MHz.

Part 3


The third part is a screen 12 picture converted to screen 5. The spacey music and the rotating multi color cube make this scroller part enjoyable.

Part 4


Next up is the UFO made out of vector graphics. The trick displayed in this part is that the UFO goes behind the buildings in the background. There's no scroller in this part. The music is very well fitting.

Part 5


This part is where you can put your hands behind your head and enjoy a scroller with a nice wooden font and some very relaxed music in the backgroud. Above the scroller is a very neet display of several bars scrolling in multi-layer. After a little while the bars start sweeping all over the screen.



The credits part does what it should do.

  • Programming: Nico Lubbers
  • Graphics: Dennis Teunissen and Hessel Harmsen
  • Music: Hessel Burghardt