Digital RGB connector
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Digital RGB is based on an old system, known as “Honda connector,” presumably because Honda made the connectors used on early machines in the 1960x years. It was used to connect video monitors to VTRs and carry composite video + audio (not real RGB). More info here.

it is a 8 pin connector type digital terminal used for transmission of video signal. It has been used in the 80s on computers produced by Fujitsu, General, NEC, Pioneer and Sharp.

The connector can be round (output) or rectangular (input) and there are several different pinouts - see here all types of Digital RGB connector (Japanese).

Note: On the Fujitsu FM-X, the Digital RGB input is a round 6 pin connector. A special cable is provided in the Fujitsu MB22450 package for the connection with the FM-7 RGB output.

Pinouts on MSX computers

Input on General PCT-55

The most used reference for the Digital RGB input connector is EIAJ-8. However, the above mentioned Japanese site uses the D8A2 reference, to differentiate it from other pinouts using 8 pins for Digital RGB.

This type of connector supports 8 or 16 colors to display.

8-pin Digital RGB connector

Pin Name Descrption
1 CLOCK N.C. / Video Clock (14.318MHz)
2 GND Ground
3 C CONT. Brightness control (Only 8 colors if N.C.)
Horizontal synchronisation
Vertical synchronisation
6 R Red
7 G Green
8 B Blue

Output on Fujitsu FM-X, Pioneer PX-7, PX-7(HB) and PX-V7

These computers use a DIN 45326 type A as other MSX but signals are Digital RGB output (D8A). If you use this connector only 8 colors can be displayed.

More info on the RGB (8-pin DIN 45326) page.

List of MSX Hardware with a Digital RGB connector


Model Generation Type
Fujitsu FM-X MSX1 Input + Output
General PCT-55 MSX1 Input
Pioneer PX-7 MSX1 Output
Pioneer PX-7(HB) MSX1 Output
Pioneer PX-V7 MSX1 Output

Devices with Digital RGB input connector

Options sold for use with this connector