Disk Station 1 (BCF)
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Demo disk released in July 1990 by the BCF team.

This first Disk Station is without any music, except a PSG melody on the picture intro and the menu. It includes some hidden parts.


Intro 1


A simple animation in screen 5 to display the BCF logo and the names of the four members of the team. The newcomer is Dennis Lodewijks.

Note that you'll see a special message before this animation if you run this Disk Station on a 9 April or a 11 July on a machine with MM/DD/YY as date format.

Intro 2


A nice picture in screen 8 that will make you think of the Compile Disc Stations. Even the c has been kept, although this product was sold as a 'Disk Station' with k! If you want to go faster to the menu without waiting for the music, press the SELECT key.



Back to screen 5 for a great menu with the omnipresence of Snout the elephant, the BCF mascot.

Snout and the Time Machine (Snout en de Tijdmachine)


This demo has been created by Sander Strootman in screen 5. It's the real first episode of the adventures of Snout. He has received a new computer, an MSX4 that allows to go back to the past. So, he has chosen 1984 for his journey and you can see Snout in old MSX1 Konami games!

Sharship Rendezvous Pictures


Koert van Mensvoort has created this part, so you can see these pictures that you are not able to see because you are not a good player! Of course in screen 8, but not in high quality to preserve the disk space. However, the animations have been kept.

Final Chapter Preview


Another part created by Koert van Mensvoort, to incite you to buy Ys II, the long-awaited sequel to Ys I. Many pictures in screen 5 will for sure convince you!

BCF Info


We stay in screen 5 for this short info about BCF and the contents of the disk with three floppy disks as background.

Rocket Demo (Raket Demo)


Another episode of the adventures of Snout? No, it is just the result of an abandoned project of game with Snout as the great hero. A good animation in screen 8 with Snout going very high in the sky!

Character Editor (Karakter Editor)


This demo disk ends with one of the utilities available with the BCF Tools, published in June 1990. The BCF team has improved a tool originally published in the MSX Gids magazine.

Hidden parts


To access the hidden parts, you need to boot the computer with the BCF Disk Station in drive A while pressing the ESC and BS keys. You will then come on a black screen asking you a password. The following passwords are accepted:

  • KONAMI to see the well-known logo displayed
  • MARCEL IS SLIM (what means 'Marcel is smart') to anger your MSX computer
  • NEW LOGO to see a green BCF logo
  • SNOUT to see episode 0 of the adventures of Snout (this episode was on the Penguin Demo)


  • Sander Strootman
  • Koert van Mensvoort
  • Dennis Lodewijks
  • Marcel Bergman