Disk Station 3 (BCF)
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Demo disk released in January 1991 by the BCF team. Was also sold as MCM Public Domain disk B38.

This third Disk Station has support for PSG, MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO. It includes a few hidden parts.

Most parts use screen 5 and a RAM version of the runtime compiler X-BASIC (file BCFE.001 with CALL SPEED IN and CALL SPEED OUT as replacements for CALL TURBO ON and CALL TURBO OFF). Part 3 of the Snout demo uses CompileBGM BASIC.




The BCF logo is followed by a picture showing a MSX2 computer with eventually a connected mouse. A kind of hardware detection! Then you can see a small animation with 3 disks and the hand of Santa Claus who chooses the third disk. And finally a nice picture in screen 8 with an included animation.

The intro can be skipped by pressing the Q key on the frequency selector screen.



A menu with many options. This time no more game or utility, almost only demos!

Snout Demo 3


Third episode of the adventures of Snout the elephant, the BCF mascot. We can see his badly repaired MSX4 computer, his original car and a failed experience in his laboratory. This demo has been created by Sander Strootman.

December Demo


A demo conceived by Koert van Mensvoort. It includes 10 mini animations at the same time (including a text scroll) and a final firework.

Snout Christmas Demo


The first contribution of Ruud van de Moosdijk to the BCF history, with some help from Koert van Mensvoort. An extra episode for the Snout's adventures. He has here the role of Santa Claus, but you need to help him because he's entered the house of the bauble blower.

Hi-Tech Demo


A demo created by Dennis Lodewijks with two different parts. First scroll follows an original way to be displayed, second scroll is radioactive, but includes the greetings.

Satan Demo


A demo created by Sander Strootman with a very long text scroll about the events on the Dutch MSX scene.

Station Promo


The first part of the New Sensation demo disk by the Station Group, used here as promo and integrated to the Disk Station 3.

It has an horizontal scroll and a sinusoidal scroll. You can press on F1 and F2 to change the speed and the regularity of the letters "New Sensation" from the second scroll.

Public Domain


Nothing special here, it's just the list of the BCF Public Domain products.

BCF Info


Infos about BCF and the contents of the disk. They are printed by a Philips MSX printer.

Hidden parts

Moments In Love


To access this secret part, you need to press the M key on the frequency selector screen. You can then listen to a music created in the FAC Soundtracker 1 format.

Song (MUS) Drumkit (SM1/SM2) Title Composer
MOMENTSE.001 MOMENTSE.002/.003 Moments In Love Joost Wijnen

It is possible to enjoy a great stereo mode (MSX-MUSIC + MSX-AUDIO), you just need to replace the FST.BIN driver by STL2.BIN (driver used in STL 2.11 created by C.S.I and E.M.P.). However, you must delete the existing MOMENTSE.004 file and rename STL2.BIN as MOMENTSE.004.

If you don't use the interface of this demodisk, FAC Soundtracker, Pro Tracker, Studio FM, MIDI Blaster or the FM Music interface, these musical files can be used on MSX1.

Important! For using outside the interface Disk Station 3, you need to modify the names to have the correct extensions (MUS/SM1/SM2), it is also recommended to specify the name of the drumkit (without the extension) in the MUS file. (MOMENTSE.004 is actually the FST.BIN driver)

For more tips about using of this musical format, check the FAC Music Disk 1 Wiki page.

BCF Scroll


To see this hidden demo, you need to boot while pressing the S key until you access this secret option. A creation of Dennis Lodewijks.


  • Koert van Mensvoort
  • Sander Strootman
  • Dennis Lodewijks
  • Ruud van de Moosdijk
  • Joost Wijnen