Disk Station 4 (BCF)
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Demo disk released in June 1991 by the BCF team. Was also sold as MCM Public Domain disk B48.

This fourth Disk Station has support for MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO, but requires an MSX2 with at least 128kB memory mapper. If your computer has only a 64kB memory mapper or if you don't have one of the mentioned soundchips, you will not be able to enjoy music. When both sound chips are present, MSX-AUDIO is automatically selected.

Most parts use screen 5 and a RAM version of the runtime compiler X-BASIC (file BCFE.001 with CALL SPEED IN and CALL SPEED OUT as replacements for CALL TURBO ON and CALL TURBO OFF).

All parts of this demodisk come with original music in the FAC Soundtracker 1 format, written by Dennis Lodewijks or Joost Wijnen.




The BCF logo is followed by a screen with several options, then a nice picture illustrating the Spring season.

You can skip this picture by pressing the Q key on the options screen.



A menu with many options. The elephants are now moving in rhythm with the music. Make your choice between all these demos!

Snout Demo 4


Fourth episode of the adventures of Snout the elephant, the BCF mascot. It starts with an intro on which you can use the left and right cursors to change the speed of the scrolls.

This part is followed by the classical adventures of Snout, always having problems, this time with an annoying ghost sprite or a menacing thief.

The end of this demo, created by Sander Strootman and Koert van Mensvoort, is very unexpectable.

Anti Amiga Demo


A demo created by Dennis Lodewijks with two different parts. First a warning text followed by a nice static intro screen, then the animation part with scrolling text, including powerful ways to destroy the Amiga computer! Also here the end is surprizing!

Amazing Heads


Another demo created by Sander Strootman and Koert van Mensvoort, this time in three parts.

In the first part, you can enjoy nice effects with their heads in harmony with a funky techno music. In the second part, no music as their heads are shrinking. Music is back in the third part including the credits.

Spy Demo


A demo created by Ruud van de Moosdijk and inspired by James Bond adventures. In two parts and with black humor included!

The Eagle


Another part created by Ruud van de Moosdijk.

2 parts: first an intro screen with dancing sprites, then the eagle screen with a scrolling text.

BCF Info/News


This part is the result of mixing the digital BCF Info available on previous BCF Disk Stations with the BCF Nieuwsbrief that could also be found on some releases of the MSX Club Magazine. The paper version is now dropped for a full digital info/news section.

Hidden feature: try the function keys F6 to F10. Back to default colors with F5.

Main content:

Musical files

Here's the list of files to optionally put on a dedicated FAC Soundtracker music disk, mainly for the people who know how to get these files and adapt them, when they are not directly available on the disk (all MUS files, FANTA.SM1 and MAGNETIC.SM1 files are crunched and 'hidden' under other names):

Song (MUS) Drumkit 1 (SM1) Drumkit 2 (SM2) Title Composer Part of the Disk Station
ANTIAMIG ANTIAMIG Arghmiga Dennis Lodewijks Anti Amiga Demo (part 1)
STATIONE.120 STATIONE.121 BCF-ness Joost Wijnen Amazing Heads (part 1)
STATIONE.120 STATIONE.121 BCFness Joost Wijnen Amazing Heads (part 3)
- - BCF Introtune Dennis Lodewijks Intro (part1)
- - Ivory Dennis Lodewijks Snout Demo 4 (part1)
- Magnetic Fields Part 2 Joost Wijinen Menu
ANTIAMIG ANTIAMIG The Snout Riedel Dennis Lodewijks Snout Demo 4 (part 2)
ANTIAMIG ANTIAMIG James Bond Theme Joost Wijinen Spy Demo (part 2)
STATIONE.120 STATIONE.121 Space-Age Joost Wijnen The Eagle
- Spring Dennis Lodewijks Intro (part 2)
BCF Info/News
ANTIAMIG ANTIAMIG Spy-Bass Joost Wijinen Spy Demo (part 1)
STATIONE.120 STATIONE.121 Synth Magic Joost Wijinen Anti Amiga Demo (part 2)

Note: STATIONE.110 is a special version of the FST.BIN 1.1 driver, written by Moonsoft for BCF

If you don't use the interface of this demodisk, FAC Soundtracker, Pro Tracker, Studio FM, MIDI Blaster or the FM Music interface, these musical files can be used on MSX1.

Important! You need to modify the names to use the correct extensions (MUS/SM1/SM2), it is also recommended to specify the name of the drumkit (without the extension) in the MUS file.

For more tips about usage of this musical format, check the FAC Music Disk 1 Wiki page.


  • Koert van Mensvoort
  • Sander Strootman
  • Dennis Lodewijks
  • Ruud van de Moosdijk
  • Joost Wijnen