Dragon Disk 02
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Demo disk released in March 1991 by the MSX-Engine team.

To avoid some problems, you need to boot the computer while pressing the CTRL key.

All parts come with MSX-MUSIC, except the Info, Life and Xdir parts (no music). For the Impact promo, MSX-MUSIC is replaced by MSX-AUDIO when this chip is present.

The interface and most parts of this demodisk are for MSX2 and higher. However, the intro includes a PCM sample only for MSX Turbo R and the intro of the Rad Van Fortuin game has a correct display only on MSX2+ and MSX Turbo R.


Intro 1


The first intro is a simple screen, enhanced by Microcabin music. It has been created by MSX-Engine and Microwave.

This screen is followed on MSX Turbo R with a surprising PCM sample, created by Loek van Kooten. Direct launching of this PCM part: RUN"MENU-TR.LDR"

Intro 2


The second intro is just like on Dragon Disk 01 with the nice little dragon Globey and a vector-graphics demo in screen 5, written by the Station Group.

Globey stands for Green Loving Omnivorus Basiliscus Eats Yumyum. Design & Idea: Bas van Ritbergen - Character design: Loek van Kooten.

Note: it's not always the same melody that you can hear!

This time, a direct launching is not possible.



The menu, written by the MSX-Engine team, is in screen 7 and includes 8 options. Just press the corresponding key to start the option that interests you!

Direct launching: RUN"MENU.LDR"



The bilingual (English - Dutch) info section in screen 0, 80 columns. The corresponding text files are plain ASCII text files.

Turtles Demo


A demo created by Garfield and The Gun, members of MSX-Engine. A long story of a poor MSX1 and a bad Konami director, with Xak II music. You will also enjoy the graphical music channel visualiser on the word 'MSX-Engine'.

Direct launching: RUN"TURTLES.LDR"

Impact Promo


The first demo of a very promising group, Impact. It's like a visit card, mentioning the composition of the group and announcing a megademo!

You can hear three different MSX-AUDIO or MSX-MUSIC songs: one on the logo screen, two on the screen with scroll, but you need to choose the music you want to hear on the intermediate screen! When both sound chips are present, MSX-AUDIO is automatically selected.

All the musics are written in the FAC Soundtracker 1 format (IMPACT.004 is actually the original FST.BIN driver).

It is possible to enjoy a great stereo mode (MSX-MUSIC + MSX-AUDIO), you just need to replace the FST.BIN driver by STL2.BIN (driver used in STL 2.11 created by C.S.I and E.M.P.). However, you must delete the existing IMPACT.004 file and rename STL2.BIN as IMPACT.004.

Direct launching: RUN"IMPACT.LDR"

  • Details about the FAC Soundtracker 1 songs
Song (MUS) Drumkit (only SM1) Title Composer Part of the demo
IMPACT.007 IMPACT.008 Impact 17 BDD Logo screen
IMPACT.009 IMPACT.008 Impact 2 BDD Scroll screen
Option 1
IMPACT.00A IMPACT.008 Impact 11 BDD Scroll screen
Option 2

You can optionally put these files on a dedicated FAC Soundtracker music disk.

Important! You need to modify the names to use the correct extensions (MUS/SM1/SM2), it is also recommended to specify the name of the drumkit (without the extension) in the MUS file.

For more tips about this format, check the FAC Music Disk 1 Wiki page, especially to play the songs on MSX1.

The Boss Demo


This demo seems to refer to Ivo Wubbels, the MSX-Engine Chief Editor, who has coded it. The scroll includes a calling to new programmers and composers, and the MSX-MUSIC + PSG song that you can hear is entirely in BASIC.

Direct launching: RUN"BOSSUS.LDR"

Rad Van Fortuin


The famous game 'The Wheel Of Fortune' in its Dutch version for your MSX2 or higher computer! To correctly see the screen 12 intro pictures, a MSX2+ or Turbo R is required, but the game itself is in screen 5. The musical background is mainly MSX-MUSIC, but the special effects are PSG.

Note that the FORTUIN.BIN file adds new BASIC instructions - see Fortuin BASIC

Programming & Design: Ivo Wubbels - Music Programming: Falco Dam - Music Composing: Loek van Kooten - Digitalisation: Dirk Haagmans

Direct launching: RUN"FORTUIN.LDR"

NBWC The Demo


Pre-release of 'The Demo', the first production of the New Blue Wrecking Crew. It includes an amazing mix of two pictures in screen 5.

To hear another ripped MSX-MUSIC or PSG melody, you can try the following keys: N, B, W, C, J, E.

Direct launching: SCREEN0:WIDTH80:RUN"NWBC.LDR"

Conway's Life


Another game, this time proposed by XelaSoft, it allows to play with generation of cels, a theory invented by the British mathematician Conway.

Direct launching: RUN"LIFELOAD.LDR"



The last option of the Dragon Disk 02 menu leads to a simple screen explaining how to use XDIR.COM, an utility, created by Stefan Danes, to get an extended directory.

Direct launching: RUN"XDIR.LDR"

To run the 'real thing' (XDIR.COM), you need MSX-DOS. The 80 columns mode is recommended.