Dragon Disk 03
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Demo disk released in May 1991 by the MSX-Engine team.

Attention! To get a correct launching of this disk, especially for the intro demo, you need to start in screen 0, 80 columns mode. It means that you must first boot the (emulated) computer without disk in drive A, then insert the Dragon disk and enter SCREEN0: WIDTH80:POKE&HF346,1:_SYSTEM

Of course, this procedure is not required if your computer already boots in this mode, because you have used the SET SCREEN instruction.

All demo parts come with MSX-MUSIC.

The interface and most parts of this demodisk are for MSX2 and higher. However, the Big Scroll demo and the Digi Editor require a MSX2+ or MSX Turbo R while most of the different DOS tools can actually be used on MSX1.




The intro demo is a giant scroll text with stars climbing in the sky. It has been created by the Station Group, Garfield and Microwave.



The menu, written by the MSX-Engine team, is in screen 7 and includes 8 options. Just press the corresponding key to start the option that interests you!

Direct launching: RUN"MENU.LDR"



The bilingual (English - Dutch) info section in screen 0, 80 columns. The corresponding text files are plain ASCII text files.

Aquarius Demo


This demo is the result of a collaboration between two MSX-Engine members, Garfield and Galbatron. They have used the Scroll Power utility and filled the text with many jokes.

Direct launching: RUN"AQUARIUS.LDR"

Big Scroll Demo


This demo is only for MSX2+ and MSX Turbo R.

A demo created by Garfield on screen 5, but using the powerful MSX2+ scrolling features. Besides the central big scroll, there is a moving MSX Engine text at the top and a classical small scroll at the bottom of the screen.

Direct launching: RUN"BIGSCROL.LDR"

Arachnophobia Demo


The first demo created by Galbatron (Loek van Kooten) with moving stars, a giant bouncing Galbatron logo and a bouncing scroll text.

Direct launching: RUN"GALBATRN.LDR"

Sample Demo


A demo created by Garfield and Microwave to prove that MSX-AUDIO is not required to use samples on the MSX system. You can indeed choose between PSG, SCC and MSX-MUSIC before starting the demo!

Direct launching: RUN"SAMPLE.LDR"

Scroll Power


An utility coded by Ivo Wubbels to make easier the creation of scroll texts. Explanations are included and you can notice that this utility adds new instructions to BASIC (see ScrollPower BASIC). 4 fonts are also provided.

This utility uses the following types of files:

  • BIN - scroll
  • FNT - font
  • LPF - loop
  • SPT - text

Direct launching: RUN"SCREDIT.LDR"

DOS Tools


A collection of MSX-DOS utilities, created in 1988 by Stefan Danes.

Direct launching: RUN"DOSTOOLS.LDR" to see a screen inviting to copy the COM files on a MSX-DOS disk, then giving short explanations about these commands.

MSX-DOS required Title Author Generation
CLS.COM CLS Stefan Danes MSX1
ECHO.COM Echo Stefan Danes MSX1
KEY.COM KEY Stefan Danes MSX1
MSX2.COM MSX2 Boot Animation Stefan Danes MSX2
SYS.COM System Files Stefan Danes MSX1
VERSION.COM Version Stefan Danes MSX1
VOLUME.COM Volume Stefan Danes MSX1

Digi Editor


This utility is only for MSX2+ and MSX Turbo R.

This editor, created by Stefan Danes, allows to make several operations on screen 12 pictures, including the conversion to screen 5.

Direct launching: SCREEN0:WIDTH80:RUN"SC12EDIT.LDR"