Dragon Disk 04
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Demo disk released in July 1991 by the MSX-Engine team.

If you want to see the HDTV demo, you need to boot the computer while pressing the CTRL key.

All parts come with MSX-MUSIC, except the HDTV part (SCC), the Info, Studio FM Demo and Digi's Demo (no music). For the Speedwave demo, MSX-MUSIC is replaced by MSX-AUDIO when this chip is present.

The interface and most parts of this demodisk are for MSX2 and higher. However, the Digi's demo is only for MSX2+ and MSX Turbo R. See also section about the musical files.


Intro (Santa Cruz)


The second demo created by Galbatron (Loek van Kooten).

This time, the direction of the moving stars is not always the same and these bright changing colors used in the very long bouncing scroll text are definitely surprizing!

Besides, the MSX-MUSIC melody is an original creation, made with the routine that wlll be implemented in Studio FM.



The menu has now a different design, obviously inspired by the windows system. The MSX-MUSIC melody has been composed by using the Studio FM routine.

Direct launching: RUN"MENU.LDR"



The info section has now a more attractive aspect, but unfortunaly, due to a lack of space on the disk, some parts are missing.

The corresponding text files are plain ASCII text files.

Direct launching: RUN"INFO.LDR"



A little demo by the Station Group to announce the Decalogue demodisk and introduce Hessel Burghardt as music composer.

It has support for MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO with songs in the FAC Soundtracker 1 format. When both sound chips are present, MSX-AUDIO is automatically selected.

It is possible to enjoy a great stereo mode (MSX-MUSIC + MSX-AUDIO), you just need to replace the FST.BIN driver by STL2.BIN (driver used in STL 2.11 created by C.S.I and E.M.P.). However, you must delete the existing SPEEDW.005 file and rename STL2.BIN as SPEEDW.005.

Direct launching: RUN"SPEEDW.LDR"



The second demo by the New Blue Wrecking Crew. It requires that you have pressed the CTRL key while booting the computer.

To enjoy it fully, a SCC cartridge needs to be present. It includes again a mix of two pictures in screen 5, but also a completely delirious story with commercial breaks, displayed on a Sony Trinitron-like screen! The music is ripped from Snatcher.

Direct launching: RUN"HDTV.LDR"

Studio FM Demo


A preview of the Studio FM musical utility, created by MSX-Engine. This demo allows only to play with the different editors, as the disk menu is not accessible.


DynANMA Demo


A little demo by ANMA with a nice MSX-MUSIC melody. It reveals the poke to use on MSX Turbo R to make Dynamic Publisher compatible with the fourth MSX generation!

Direct launching: RUN"DYNANMA.LDR"

Dizzy Demo


A preview of Dizzy, the MSX-Engine puzzle game on screen 8 with original MSX-MUSIC melody.

Most of these stages are not included in the definitive version!

Direct launching: SCREEN0:WIDTH80:RUN"DIZZYDD.LDR"

Digi's Demo


This demo is only for MSX2+ and MSX Turbo R.

A little demo by Cracxy Crew to show the interlacing effect on screen 12.

Direct launching: RUN"DIGI.LDR"

Musical files

Here's the list of files to optionally put on a dedicated FAC Soundtracker music disk, mainly for the people who know how to get these files and adapt them, when they are not directly available on the disk:

Song (MUS) Drumkit (SM1) Title Composer Part of the Dragon Disk
CONCERT - Concert By Lightning Knightram DynANMA Demo
SPEEDW SPEEDW Disco Freak Hessel Burghardt Speedwave


  • SPEEDW.005 is actually the FST.BIN 1.0 driver.
  • CONCERT.MUS needs to be extracted from DYNANMA1.BIN and adapted

If you don't use the interface of this demodisk, FAC Soundtracker, Pro Tracker, Studio FM, MIDI Blaster or the FM Music interface, these musical files can be used on MSX1.

For more tips about usage of this musical format, check the FAC Music Disk 1 Wiki page.