Dragon Disk 06
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Demo disk released in December 1991 by the MSX-Engine team. Was also sold as MCM Public Domain disk B52.

All parts come with MSX-MUSIC, except the intro, the Sample Converter and the Studio FM update (no music).

The interface and all parts of this demodisk are for MSX2 and higher.




A surprizing little intro: a wall of bricks is exploding, revealing the MSX-Engine logo!



This time, the menu is in 2 parts with scroll and wave effects!

Direct launching: RUN"MENU.LDR"



The info section is back with a background music, after being absent on Dragon Disk 05.

The corresponding text files are plain ASCII text files.

Direct launching: RUN"INFO.LDR"

Bundy Puzzle


A small game in screen 8 (on MSX2) or 12 (on MSX2+ and Turbo R), created by Ivo Wubbels and Falco Dam.

Press the spacebar to access the game menu with some interesting options.

Direct launching: RUN"BUNDY.LDR"

Sample Converter


This option leads to a bad message, as the sample converter was buggy at the moment of the Dragon Disk 06 release.

Besides, just like other planned Studio FM extensions (especially SCC and MSX-AUDIO support), this utility was never released.

Direct launching: RUN"SAMPLE.LDR"

IOD Demo


The first demo of the IOD group. At this time, IOD meant 'Instrument of Dream" before becoming 'Instrument of Darkness'.

This demo uses a RAM version of the runtime compiler X-BASIC (file IOD.000 with CALL STATI ON and CALL STATI ON2 as replacements for CALL TURBO ON and CALL TURBO OFF).

Press F1 for special effects!

Direct launching: RUN"IOD.LDR"

Demon Of The Dark Castle


Another small game, created by Ivo Wubbels and Loek van Kooten. The intention was to incite other MSX fans to create sequels to this first part, but it did not have much success.

The map of this game can be found here.

Direct launching: RUN"DDC.LDR"

Studio FM Promo


A nice Studio FM promo with wave effect, text scroll, graphic display of the music instruments and final picture.

The three melodies in the Studio FM format are also used elsewhere on this Dragon Disk.

Direct launching: RUN"FMPROMO.LDR"

Studio FM Update


This update of the Studio FM utility has three parts:

  • bugfixing in the program itself (only for the full version, not the demo version)
  • addition of a library with 193 voices
  • new versions of the replay drivers

Direct launching: Run"UPDATE.LDR"

After Seven Demo


After Seven comes Eight .... In this demo, created by Garfield, Microwave, Alien Soft and Galbatron, there are eight text scrolls running at the same time!

Direct launching: RUN"A7.LDR"

Musical files

With exception of the IOD Demo, all musics on this Dragon Disk are in the Studio FM format. Most of them are directly available on the disk, but don't have always the .SFM extension.

Song Title Composer Part of the Dragon Disk
A7.003 After Seven Loek van Kooten A7 Demo
ADV.SFM Adventurous Worlds Loek van Kooten Demon Of The Dark Castle (game)
Studio FM Promo (song 2)
BUNDY.MUS Love And Marriage Falco Dam Bundy Puzzle
HOUSE.SFM House Loek van Kooten Demon Of The Dark Castle (intro)
Studio FM Promo (song 1)
INFO.SFM Info Loek van Kooten Info
Studio FM Promo (song 3)
MENU.SFM Menu Loek van Kooten Menu


  • HOUSE.MUS needs to be extracted from DDCINTRO.BIN or FMPROMO.BIN and adapted
  • MENU.MUS needs to be extracted from MENU.BIN and adapted

See Studio FM page for more info.