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An ESE-RAM (似非RAM) is a MegaSRAM DIY cartridge made by replacing the ROM from a MegaROM cartridge with an SRAM chip. These DIY cartridges spread in Japan after K.Tsujikawa released the manufacturing method and the group ESE Artists' Factory organized meetings dedicated to the manufacturing of your own MegaSRAM in the 90s. These meetings were called "似非セミナー" (ESE-Seminar).

There are mainly two types of ESE-RAM. The version made with a Konami SCC cartridge (ESE-RAM-SCC) and the version made with a cartridge using the ASCII mapper. This last one can have a switch 8K/16K but it is not always the case.

The MegaSCSI is based on the ESE-RAM.

The site here lists the components used in MegaROMs to choose an easy one to transform. The list was taken over by Gigamix here.

A MegaSRAM is very convenient because in addition to being able to launch many MegaROMs, it allows to create an SRAM-disk.

Currently, suitable cartridges to make a MegaSRAM are increasingly rare because of price and it is more interesting to preserve the originals.


DIY MegaSRAM Cartridge
DIY MegaSRAM Inside

Minimum System Requirements

  • MSX 64kB, MSX-DOS, one free slot cartridge


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