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Edwin Velds (1972) is an active coder who has been in the MSX scene since the early 90's. Initially starting with the not so productive Edo Soft, he eventually formed the Royal MSX Force with three others.

After some years, his heavy and complex study (Aerospace Engineering) took about all his time, which lead to the RMF becoming inactive. By that time, Edwin and Wolf were the only active members left.

In 2004 Edwin returned to the MSX scene after some browsing on the internet. He ended up on MRC and reunited with Wolf again. Edwin was then invited by Wolf to join Infinite as lead coder. With Infinite he has made an impressive amount of productions, from the rewritten 4-motion engine to a wide range of games.


as programmer

as designer

as writer

  • WB-ASS2 review (MCCM) - This review is falsely credited to Ronald Egas, who only arranged for Edwin to write the review.
  • Universe: Unknown (2005)


  • Edwin is a typical cross-developer. MSX assembler code, as well as various game development tools have all been made on PC with Linux.
  • He considers himself completely devoid of artistic skills.

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