FAC Demo 3
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Demo published in February 1990 by the FAC team. Also known as "The Revolution" demo.

This time there is no ripped music from Japanese games, except in the credits part. The FAC used their new program FM-FAC Soundsampler to loop 32kB ADPCM samples in the Philips NMS 1205 Music Module.


Hardware Test


This demo begins with an hardware test in screen 7. If you don't have a MSX-AUDIO cartridge, you will not be able to run the demo. Note that you will not hear the samples with the Toshiba module as it does not have a built-in sampleRAM. Also 128kB RAM is required for a good working of the demo.

Tip for unhappy people without MSX-AUDIO cartridge: it's possible to see the demo without any sound except in the credits part, by adding 55 GOTO 130 in the FAC-III.000 file and removing POKE -54,35 in line 30 of the FAC-III.01E file.

Giant FAC


After some waiting, you are awakened by a first sample with a giant FAC logo in screen 5. The sample was taken from the intro to MTV News, a short news segment which was aired hourly on MTV Europe at the time.

FAC in the Stars


The demo switches to screen 8 for another FAC logo, shining very high in the sky, like a comet between the stars. Of course, another sample completes this amazing situation.

FM-FAC Promo


Time for a text scroll accompanied by combination of samples, don't forget to press the SELECT key for a surprising effect! It's directly a promo for the FM-FAC utility.

FAC in the Sun


Third FAC logo with an entertaining sample. Maybe this part has inspired later the choice of Sunrise as name for another famous group in the Dutch MSX scene!



Here comes a long text scroll including explanations about the subtitle 'Revolution', the goals of the FAC, the greetings. Several samples, also a silent moment, for this part in the usual FAC Anti-Commodore attitude.

FAC Dance


Fourth FAC logo, this time it's dancing to express its joy while making this revolutionary demo!



Back to screen 7 for the credits part. It's the only part with non-original music, it uses CompileBGM BASIC.



The final part is in screen 0, 80 column mode. FAC adds multi-task to your computer: when spacebar is pressed and the MSX resets, the sample loop will keep on playing!


  • Use Crackings
  • Haaisoft
  • Dokter Jones