FAC Demo 4
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Demo published in April 1990 by the FAC team. Also known as "Facmanschap is Meesterschap" demo. Vakmanschap is Meesterschap was a slogan of the Dutch beer brewer Grolsch (Craftsmanship is mastership).

Though this demo is nothing special, it was a revolution. For the first time tracked MSX-AUDIO music was used in a demo. They used their own tracker called FAC Soundtracker 1. As for FAC Demo 3, you need a MSX2 with a least 128kB RAM.




The intro is a scrolling picture in screen 7 displaying the title of the demo and the names of the coders. It is followed by a warning section against crackers with the sample of a MTV slogan "You're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem".

Thunder and Lightning


We go to screen 5 for a dark sky on which a lightning FAC logo suddenly appears such an enormous thunderclap. Two scrolls with again the demo title and the coders names.

Funk and House


This part in screen 8 displays a FAC logo with funny colors and a scroll with the greetings. Two FM melodies are here used, the first one is more funky, the second one is typical acid-house music, what has as effect that the FAC logo is altered in a dancing sinusoidal form.

FAC in the Stars 2


Back to screen 5 for another version of the FAC logo very high in the sky. This time, both the logo and the stars are moving, and you can even see the letters of the logo inversed!

FAC Anger


We go now to screen 7 for a picture of a very angry FAC, about the MSX situation in The Netherlands. A scroll explains this anger.

FAC Power Tower


The final part in screen 7 displays an impressive replayer to play MSX-AUDIO music. Although the mention 'stereo' is displayed, the music is actually mono. However, the Output Power Level Display shows the melodic channels on the left and the sampling channels on the right. Both Synth Power disks by the FAC have this music replayer as well.

If you click on the OPEN/CLOSE button, you will hear an amazing sample. 9 songs are available in this replayer, it includes the musics used in the other parts of the demo, all these musics have been composed by Erik Duijs.

Number Title Demo part
01 Synthesizer SF FAC in the Stars 2
02 Funky Items Thunder and LIghtning
03 Action
04 Ode to the DX-7 Funk and House
05 One Jam Session
06 Ducky Acid-House Theme Funk and House
07 Seduct
08 Jazzfuga
09 Mike-Busters FAC Anger


  • Rolf van Deursen
  • Erik Duijs
  • Hayo Rubingh